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Couldn't get enough of the cute couples that met while filming and got together IRL? Neither could we.

Here are nine MORE celebrity couples who just couldn't stop being love interests even after the cameras went off. *swoon*

1. Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin

Snow White and Prince Charming finally got their happy ending in TV series Once Upon a Time — and in reality, too! The married pair are are now parents to a 1-year-old boy, Oliver.

2. Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

Alright, so maybe these two didn't get their happily ever after, but hey, remember how awesome it was when they were on-again? Although Somerhalder may have married a different vampire (Nikki Reed), The Vampire Diaries co-stars still have a special place in the Ship Hall of Fame.

3. Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese

Ruby might not have become a regular on Supernatural, but at least Sam scooped her up in real life! Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki have their own family now, with two little boys, Shepherd and Thomas Colton.

4. Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

This is one for the ages. Ripa and Consuelos had SO much chemistry back on All My Children, it was basically inevitable they'd end up together in real life. The power couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this May 1!

5. Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney cast Kaitlin Olson to play the female lead in what would be a break-out comedy hit, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The two kept their passion under wraps during the second season, but were happily married by 2008 and now have one son, Axel Lee.

6. Emily VanCamp & Josh Bowman

As heartbreaking as it was to watch Daniel Grayson die for Emily Thorne on Revenge, take comfort in the fact that the pair are still happy and healthy in real life.

7. Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn

Hollywood icons Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell met on the set of Swing Shift in 1984, then paired up again for Overboard in 1987. The two never married and have been the target of some tasteless tabloid gossip, but are still going strong today.

8. Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem

"The Brad and Angelina of Spain" met on the set of Jamón, Jamón in 1992, but wouldn't get together until 2007. Then they starred together again in Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona (2008) before quietly marrying in 2010. They did yet another film together in 2013, The Counselor.

9. Alexis Bledel & Vincent Kartheiser

While it's hard to think of Rory Gilmore marrying anyone other than Jess Mariano, Pete Campbell is a solid plan B. The pair met when Bledel played a woman with whom Campbell had a brief affair on Mad Men, and their chemistry on screen was apparently nothing compared to off screen. So happy for these two!

Who's your favorite, most ship-worthy celeb couple?


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