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CinemaCon 2016 just drew to a close in Las Vegas, but not before lucky audience members got to glimpse a brand new DC sizzle reel with never-before-seen footage from Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

Henry Cavill at CinemaCon 2016
Henry Cavill at CinemaCon 2016

It's unlikely that Warner Bros. will be releasing this footage to the general public any time soon, but in the mean time, the super sleuth from, Brandon Davis, jotted down a detailed description of the whole thing.

Here's what he had to say:

"Henry Cavill narrates a sizzle reel which starts with Man of Steel footage. Leto compliments the imagination which is sparked by these movies. Affleck claims the themes are resonant to people. Animated Justice League characters take the screen before Superman flies by. Each cast member and directors and producers compliment the films.
"A shot of Wonder Woman from her film is shown before clips from Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. They promise bigger and better films as everything goes on. Wonder Woman wears a hood in the forest and turns around - it's a new shot.
"Suicide Squad and BvS footage dominate the screen before turning to the movie's premiere. Titles cite the biggest worldwide opening for the movie and its $750 million box office and counting. Suicide Squad's title takes over and Will Smith says it isn't a movie about good vs. evil. Robbie says it's bad people doing a good thing. Footage from trailers is shown. Ayer says, "Who better to fight a super villain than a group of super villains?"
"Wonder Woman's logo and theme dominate the screen. She rides a horse with others through the forest. Steve Trevor flies a plane. Wonder Woman dodges bullets and deflects them back at shooters with her gauntlets. She attends a party in a beautiful blue dress. In a much more vibrant costume, she attacks enemies on a horse.
"A Justice League logo takes the screen and producers narrate how we'll learn about the characters. Momoa says "Aquaman is the only one who is a human and a God." Miller and Fisher describe their characters, too.
"Comic panels take the screen as the reel climaxes, mixed with clips from already released movies, as well as Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Diana looks awesome using her shield to block bullets. The Justice League cast and Zack Snyder greets the audience from the set of Justice League in London. Everyone but Affleck is in the video. Snyder thanks the fans and the theater owners. Momoa has tattoos on his forearms."

We might not be able appreciate the newest sizzle reel in all it's glory, but remember how dramatic the one for Man Of Steel 2 (BvS) was?

This one was probably even cooler. *sigh*

What do you hope was in the newest DC sizzle reel?

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY



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