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Being built like a literal brick house, Dwayne Johnson isn't exactly the prototype guy for one-size-fits-all attire — but has that ever stopped him from squeezing into itsy bitsy fancy dress costumes? No. No, it has not.

At the MTV awards last weekend we witnessed The Rock, who has been pumping some serious iron at the gym of late to prep for various film roles, in all his ab-filled glory.

From wowing the crowds in a fire-filled 'Mad Max' themed intro —

— to giving Henry Cavill a run for his money.

The Rock at the MTV Awards
The Rock at the MTV Awards

Beneath this muscleman's peck-perked exterior lies a softer soul — one that excels at the fancy dress game — as these five examples exquisitely demonstrate.

1. He's strong to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach, it's Dwayne Johnson the Sailor Man!

2. Who could forget the time he really got his rocks off as the star of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone?

3. Or that time he dressed as The Hulk, reminding us to never, ever, make him angry?

4. He once showed us his en-deer-ing side as Bambi on 'Saturday Night Live'

5. And, in 2010, he popped his pecks into a darling pink dress to play Derek, the Tooth Fairy — but let's not talk about that.

What costume would you love to see The Rock in?


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