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According to a consumer survey conducted by Morgan Stanley, Netflix is the best original content creator in the United States after overtaking the former market leader HBO.

Netflix Inc. said last year to double its original content programming in 2016. This move will see the US streaming business to offer nearly 31 TV shows and movies to its customers including the new seasons of the most popular show House of Cards and Orange is the new Black. For the past couple of years, the company is spending billions of dollars in original content to become a dominant force in this space as well. The streaming giant initiated its business as a DVD rental service which then came on to introducing its own streaming platform and is now almost a major player in original programming.

When Netflix began offering online video content services to the masses it came with a plan to become HBO, which was the TV industry giant of that time, before HBO starts to become Netflix. And it seems like it is right on track. Netflix not only dominated the streaming industry and became the uncrowned king but also sidelined the established traditional TV and premium cable TV businesses in the region. The only thing which lacked for it to become like HBO was TV programming.

In 2013, the streaming service came up with its first original TV show, now known as the popular, House of Cards. Since then, it has not stopped producing original content and is now a major player in the industry. No company has ever come up with a show as big as the Game of Thrones (HBO) but apart from this, the streaming giant has produced several hit shows. According to a recent study of American customers by a well renowned research firm Morgan Stanley, it is believed that the company has overtaken HBO on the basis of original content.

According to a few sources and viewer survey, the streaming giant is now officially the best original content creator in the United States and the world. Netflix was chosen by 29 percent of the participants while HBO came in second which 18 percent. Both of the results have been totally opposite to what they received last year. HBO was 31 percent leading the original programming domain whereas Netflix was only picked by 23 percent consumers last year.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley wrote in their report, “This comes as we estimate that in 2016 Netflix will spend more on (original programming) than HBO for the first time.”

Sources suggest that the US streaming business is willing to spend more than $2.5 billion on content this year. However this budget only goes for the content in the United States only. The company is now home to nearly 75 million streaming subscribers from 190 countries globally. It has managed to successfully become the global TV network for all customers.


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