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Over the last two years Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular means of communication among smartphone users. But, while Snapchat is usually used as a fun tool for messaging friends, what if that cute little ghost icon also had a sinister side?

That little ghost never looked so terrifying
That little ghost never looked so terrifying

Producers and filmmakers Alex J. Mann and K. Adam Bloom run the Los Angeles-based production company Space Oddity Films. The company specializes in producing "films that explore technology's impact on culture and how that relationship will shape our future," similar to the vibe of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series.

3 Seconds, directed by Alex J. Mann
3 Seconds, directed by Alex J. Mann

In Mann's recently released horror short 3 Seconds, he brings audiences into the world of Allison (played by Allison Raskin), who wakes to open a snap, only to find a picture of herself sleeping. But with no one else in the room, who sent the image? The film is creepy and tense, and for the smartphone users of the 21st century it definitely hits a little too close to home.

Take a look at the film below, but be warned, it may be enough to turn you off Snapchat for life:

Who do you think sent Allison the snaps?

For more short films from Space Oddity, head over to their Facebook or YouTube pages.


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