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Whatever happened to little Gracie Sheffield from The Nanny? Well, she's 30-year-old actress Madeline Zima now, and she's been busy since The Nanny ended! Take a look at these highlights of the work she's done. Amazing!

1993 — 'Law & Order'

Even before she got cast on The Nanny, Madeline Zima was still a working actress, with little parts on shows like Law & Order and Touched by an Angel.

2001 — 'Gilmore Girls'

The credits called her "Lisa," although we never learned her name in the episode. She played one of the extra girls that was going to be initiated into the Puffs, Chilton's super secret sorority, along with Rory in Season 2. At the end of the episode, Lisa comes up to Rory in the cafeteria and asks to sit with her, and the two bookish brunettes read across the table from each other, and it almost seemed like Rory might have an actual friend at Chilton, but unfortunately that was the last we saw of Lisa.

2003 — '7th Heaven'

In Season 8, Madeline Zima played Alice in the episode "Go as Alice," where Reverend Camden helps two teens — Alice and her brother — escape from an abusive father and alcoholic mother.

2004 — 'A Cinderella Story'

While Hillary Duff was the reigning Teen Queen in A Cinderella Story, Zima played the ditzier of her two stepsisters, Brianna.

2007 — 'Grey's Anatomy'

Zima was 22 when she appeared as Marissa in Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy — and now little Gracie Sheffield has all but disappeared and been replaced with a totally grown-up actress!

2009–2010 — 'Heroes'

For the first time since The Nanny, Zima bagged a serious character arc with 16 recurring episodes on Heroes, playing Gretchen Berg, roommate and not-so-secret admirer to Hayden Panettiere's character, Claire Bennet.

2007–2011 — 'Californication'

Mia Lewis (Zima) catapults the plot of Season 1 into motion, tricking the brooding writer Hank Moody into sleeping with her, despite the fact that she is underage and the step-daughter-to-be of Hank's baby mama. She plays the lovable yet thoroughly twisted troublemaker throughout the series.

2012 — 'Breaking The Girls'

In this lesbian murder-pact thriller, Zima plays the free-spirited and also slightly disturbed Alex Layton.

2016 — 'I Am Watching You'

Zima's next romance/thriller will be out later in 2016. In it, she'll play Nora Nichols, a writer who's been observing her neighbor across the street, only to learn he's been watching her too.

What's your favorite Madeline Zima era?


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