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Chris Massey, best known for his role as Michael Barret in Disney favorite Zoey 101, has been arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Cassalei Jackson.

According to TMZ, the 26-year-old actor shoved his girlfriend during a heated argument early on Sunday while attending the Marquee Club at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. He was detained by security until the authorities arrived and was booked for misdemeanor domestic violence.

Massey's mug shot
Massey's mug shot

Various news websites have reported that Jackson will not be pressing charges against her boyfriend. Massey has been released on bail and ordered to return to court on May 10.

No official statement has been released by either part, although Jackson did post some cryptic messages on Twitter alluding to the event. She wrote:

It seems that all is well between the couple since the incident, last week Massey posted the following photo of himself with Jackson along with the caption below:

I love you. No matter what I always got your back.

(Source: TMZ)


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