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(Warning: The following contains theoretical SPOILERS for the upcoming 'Thor: Ragnarok,' albeit ones sourced largely from comic books that may or may not have a direct bearing on the movie. Proceed with whatever level of theoretical caution that suggests to you is wise, fan of Midgard.)

Now, with Thor: Ragnarok not set for release until well into 2017, you might think that interest in the upcoming Asgardian sequel would be limited by the imminent arrival of Captain America: Civil War. With the movie set to feature an extensive Thor/Hulk team-up though — and, it seems, a brand new superhero for the MCU —it's perhaps not too surprising that some of us are already getting completely overexcited at the prospect of Ragnarok and all of its attendant awesomeness.

As such, it seemed about time to take a look at what we might see in the movie — and with a veritable plethora of potentially adaptable comic books out there — at which comic book moments we might see. Here, then, are:

Five Key Comic Book Moments We Could See in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

First up?

5. It's The End of the World As We Know It

After all, the movie is called Thor: Ragnarok, and Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse mythology. Don't be too surprised if we see the likes of Fenrir the wolf and the giant Hymir come together under the leadership of a vengeful Loki (as they tend to do in both the mythological Ragnarok and the comic-book version)

— as well as the arrival of the giant fire demon Surtur, perhaps even in league with Hela (the role Cate Blanchett is rumored to be playing).

Whatever happens, though, expect Asgard — and possibly all nine realms — to be destroyed. This is the end of the world as we know it, after all.

4. But Don't Worry, It'll Probably All Be Fine

Y'see, the thing about Ragnarok is that it's only one part of a cycle of death and rebirth. In other words? Both in Norse mythology and the comic book adaptation(s) of Ragnarok, it isn't actually the end of the world — merely a new beginning.

Expect Thor to be reborn then — likely via a brief spell in a purgatory-like netherworld in which he must choose to live and take control of his own destiny. Now, it's possible that we'll actually see that happen in Avengers: Infinity War, but either way don't count Thor out just yet.

Before that, though, we're also likely going to see...

3. Thor and Hulk, Going Toe to Toe

The pair have, after all, been battling one another for decades in the comic books, meaning that there's a whole lot of precedent there.

Could we even perhaps see a brief riff on the classic real life (and comic book) debate over which one is stronger?

Just, y'know, maybe without the giant faces on picket signs?

Meanwhile, it seems pretty reasonable to anticipate...

2. A Very Specific Cosmic Crossover

Thor and the mad Titan Thanos (of impending Avengers: Infinity War fame) have been battling one another in the comic books for years, so it seems plausible that Thanos and the Thunder God will find a spare moment to pound on one another in some sort of epic fashion. Y'know, if Thanos even turns up at all.

Even if he does though, the odds of us seeing that iconic moment back in Marvel's The Infinity Gauntlet — in which Thanos turns Thor into glass before smashing him into thousands of tiny pieces — are slim. Something to save for Infinity War, perhaps — or could we see it turn up in some sort of fan-pleasing prescient dream sequence in Ragnarok?

Finally, then? We might just see...

1. A Whole New Home For Our Heroes

Specifically, one in Oklahoma.

Y'see, after dying in the comic book Ragnarok (and eventually finding himself restored to life), Thor wound up moving Asgard to a field in Oklahoma.

Which: a) was one heck of a storyline, and b) could make for an intriguing twist for a future Thor follow-up movie. After all, Asgardians hanging out in small-town America (and The Warriors Three getting into bar fights, of course) would be pretty darned fan-pleasing. Not to mention, the lower budget such a sequel would require would surely make Chris Hemsworth's potential wage demands for a reprisal role in another solo movie far more palatable.

What do you think, though?


What do you most want to see in 'Thor: Ragnarok'?


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