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Rob Harris

You may well fancy yourself as a passionate trainer, but have you actually committed ink to prove your dedication to the Poké cause? These marked-up masters have, sacrificing their skin to display their super effective fandom.

The following custom designs are some of the best Pokémon tattoos you'll find on the internet. Be sure to check out the work of these talented artists!

1. Custom Mewtwo - Nick Hetzel

2. Haunter - Jemola Addley

3. Jigglypuff - Alex Strangler

4. Bulbasaur - Alex Strangler

5. Snorlax and Psyduck - Simon Zook

6. Charmander - Kaya Harris

7. Mew - Nicholas Keiser

8. Sick Burn - Will Smink

9. Bowie Pikachu - Courtney Raimondi

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