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Marvel Vs DC War Stories: Captain America - V - Superman

These two American heroes are tasked by the President to uncover a secret North Korean research facility where several world renowned scientists are being held captive. The Commander-In-Chief fears the scientists are forging a unknown weapon meant to destroy the United States. The two legendary heroes agree to accept the mission but, not to working together.

After meeting with a North Korean contact in Seoul, Cap learns that a menacing former Professor of Mechanical Engineering has taken over a secret project called Destructizon. Before he can alert Superman, the good Captain finds himself in the middle of a setup designed by the South Korean government to assassinate the female intelligence officer he's undoubtedly drawn into the open. Cap springs into action saving the beautiful double agent named Nagera from several heavily armed mercenaries.

The two super spies then work together to discover the location of the deadly and ruthless Dr. Nyguen's compound. However, before Cap can successfully sneak into the facility and shut it down, he and Nagera are captured by Nyguen's henchmen. Nagera is drug away and Cap is forced to attempt a dramatic and daring escape to save Nagera who he's developed romantic feelings for.

Meanwhile Nyugen has activated his weapon, a 20 story tall weaponized robot named, Destructizon. Superman locates Cap using his super hearing and the sound of the monsterous metal attacker that's ready for a super sized fight. Cap continues to search Nyguen's compound for Nagera while rushing to evacuate the imprisoned scientists trapped inside. After an intense battle, Superman is finally able to deflect a missile fired at him directly back at the gigantic robot, completely crippling the machine and killing it's operator Dr. Nyguen. Unfortunately, the hulking mega bot's epic collapse annihilates what's left of the villain's compound.

Upon defeating the maniacal doctor and his super sized puppet, our heroes finally unite on the ground where the Captain stands speechless and deflated in front of the flattened concrete rubble. He turns to Superman to ask if he will help him quickly search through the destruction for Nagera's body.

Suddenly , without warning, Superman's eyes begin to roll back and glow with red fury.

Nyguen's robot was not a weapon, rather a distraction. During the battle Destructizon was programmed to send out a series of radio waves which were strategically designed by Nyugen to circumvent Superman's frontal cortex, thus giving full control of his actions to Nyguen's partner -the seductress Nagera who is now a mile under the ground hidden in a inaccessible bunker.

Nagera is now controlling the Man Of Steel's every movement. Superman himself is the weapon Nyugen was forging to destroy America, starting with Captain America himself.

You decide who wins. You can vote for a winner below or write your own post and finish the story anyway you choose. Either way, make sure to follow me here for a new Marvel Vs DC War Story every Wednesday.

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