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Sweet amore, we all love video games – and we all had our favourite games growing up, whether you started out on the Atari, PlayStation 1 or Nintendo 64 you will at some point over the years have formed bizarre attachments to a few of your onscreen characters.

No scientist or doctor in the world can give you a definitive explanation into exactly why we fall in love and there is no rhyme or reasoning into who it is we fall for – it just happens – that’s love, that’s amore.

As a kid, I had my fair share of onscreen infatuations but all for different reasons - some were heroic; some were sexy whilst others were just flat out adorable. From lust to love – here is a journey through nostalgia and embarrassment as I reveal to you the video game characters I have fallen for over the years.

11. Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite

This is the classic damsel in distress type scenario. Rescuing Elizabeth from the tower and hauling ass away through the woods couldn’t be any more fairy tale love story if you tried.

BioShock is renowned worldwide for gripping narratives and endearing character interaction – Elizabeth though, she had me at hello.

At your side as your companion throughout the entire game, it enables you to learn more about her and in return her about you. She helps you progress through the emotive narrative and both personalities develop together. If you have ever played and finished the game, you will know what I mean when I say that, you are left with an odd longing for Elizabeth’s company. 2K nailed it!

10. John Marston - Red Dead Redemption

A family man with a kick ass attitude. John Marston is not your average Wild West gunslinger – he is a man with morals and a conscious. One of the main reasons we fell for John is the fact that he takes no pleasure in taking life, he takes only what he has to. Fighting for the love and protection of his family is one of the most endearing things ever.

He is a ruggedly handsome devil to boot. Tanned with a scar or two, complete with a six shooter, John Marston was a seriously cool dude and this was the icing on the cake for many of us. Man crush anyone?

9. Ellie – The Last of Us

I think it is a unanimous collective love we all share for Ellie and it is this love that is key to the entire game. We find ourselves genuinely rooting for her and Joel - we will them to survive. It is a story of trust, companionship and the strength another spirit can give to a broken soul.

Ellie is a tough S.O.B with an attitude to match but inside we know her to be just a scared girl looking for someone to trust. Her kick ass attitude allows us to get behind the character and support her as opposed to just feeling sorry for her the whole time. She is strong, fearless and can stomp a zombie or two. Ellie you rock - looking forward to seeing you in Last of Us 2 maybe?

8. Vamp - Metal Gear Solid

This guy was cool and brooding way before Twilight was ever a thing. Vamp was the classic cocky dick that everyone hated but secretly crushed on at home. Vamp always had an air of confidence that enveloped his character, he was tall dark and handsome - I am gonna say it - even from a guys perspective, the guy was good looking.

Let’s not forget that he had the whole vampire thing going as well, if this character were somehow reborn in today’s sexy vampire era he would blow audiences away – Edward who?

7. Citra – Far Cry 3

The other woman! The fantasy of being with a sexy other woman is one shared by many men around the world. Citra embodied every bit of this fantasy in Far Cry 3.

She was alluring and purposefully provocative towards the protagonist throughout the game. Her beautiful voice combined with her sexy demeanour had me physically screaming at the screen “oh my god, just do it!”

She is exotic and sexy everything you dream about as a teenager. The character is brilliantly depicted and evokes that overpowering voice inside us that just screams for primal interaction.

The protagonists absolute infatuation with Citra does rub off on the player and just as we start to plan our future together – bomb shell – but is it too late? Have we fallen too deep?

6. Sniper Wolf - Metal Gear Solid

Another sexy addition to the list. Sniper Wolf brings guns and beauty together in smashing form. This villainous character aside from being devastatingly hot is another that shows off a side of morality and conscience.

As a big dog person myself, I could not help but to naturally adhere to Sniper Wolf. She was beautiful, had a massive sniper rifle and was into dogs – perfect. Ok, so she was a little unhinged and had a penchant for murder but still, were not all perfect. Could I take her home to mum? Probably not.

5. Pikachu - Pokémon

Even the non Pokémon players out there could not say that this little guy is not cute. This ball of occasional fury is one of my favourite video game creatures of all time.

He is mischievous, occasionally annoying but undeniably loyal. The amount of times I have longed for an actual Pikachu to own – oh, I remember back in the day about fanaticising about unleashing my Pikachu on the school bully.

This critter is the definition of adorable. A loyal friend that will stand by your side no matter what – now that is something we can all agree on to be worth a spot on this list.

4. Joel – The Last of Us

A real hero, or do I mean a real good looking hero - Joel gives everything he has into looking out for Ellie. There is nothing more pure than this kind of selfless action. Joel risks his life everyday in an attempt to ensure that no harm will ever come to Ellie. I think we all see Joel as a father figure let alone Ellie – the man is tough but we know he loves Ellie.

As with Marston, Joel’s unfaltering love for another is what draws us in to his character. We want Joel to survive, he deserves to survive – The Last of Us is one of the greatest games ever made – how could I not include these two.

3. Nathan Drake - Uncharted

Talk about charisma – this guy has it in spades, this wise-cracking; treasure hunting superstar has been kicking butt for almost a decade. At some time or another Nathan Drake has certainly been the glint in all of our eyes.

This well spoken, rugged adventurer who is funnier than his looks should allow puts Drake in as an undeniable contender for top spot on our list of all-time gaming loves. Over the years, we have learnt so much about Drake and his past and we continue to delve ever deeper into the character all these years on. When you are around a charismatic character like this for this many years he is sure to warrant a very special place in our hearts.

2. Snake - Metal Gear Solid

A video game legend that’s husky voice and cool as ice demeanour makes him the coolest cat in all video game shooters. Snake is another character that has developed with us – from a gripping but basic game grew this incredible franchise that is now an internationally acclaimed work of interactive art.

Snake is a character that many of us secretly thought was good looking – from the tight stealth suits to the bad man bandana – Snake was just so damn cool. The character has been part of our lives since 1998 and we have been through so much together that the thought of not heading out on another utterly enthralling adventure saddens even the strongest of gamers.

We love everything that Metal Gear is and everything it stands for in the video game world – Snake we love you!

1. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

The girl that stole our hearts a whopping twenty years ago still holds the key to our affections even today. Lara has got younger as the franchise has progressed but she still kicks as much ass - actually probably more ass now - as she ever did.

Lara blew us away back in the day with a brilliantly addictive concept and a revolutionary approach to the puzzle platform gamestyle. We were taken to places we never knew existed as Lara ventured deeper into the tombs of our ancestors. Tomb Raider is another franchise that has grown and developed with us. Lara Croft is one of the most recognised names across the globe, she is a legend.

Not to mention one of the most beautiful characters ever created in a video game. From the big boobed era of the 90’s to the more proportional Lara Croft we see today – she is beautiful in both body and mind. The new games that take us deeper into the character's mind allow us to get ever closer to the woman we all know and most certainly love.

So there we have it – my list of video game characters that for one reason or another have made their way into my heart.

What video game characters have made their way into your hearts over the years?


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