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In the wake of Batman v Superman's gloomy kickstart to the DCEU, expectations are high for Suicide Squad. And so far the trailers have not disappointed. While the first trailer positioned the movie as a psychological thriller, trailers two and three have really amped up the humor and action appeal of Suicide Squad.

But among the thrills and toxic spills, there's many an Easter Egg clue hidden in the third Suicide Squad trailer. Before we put on our tin foil speculation hats, why not check out the blitz trailer again? You know you want to.

Oh man, does that look awesome. I don't know what I'm most excited for: Margot Robbie's on point portrayal of Harley Quinn, the bombastic action sequences, or finally finding out just who the real villain is. But we might have already found the answers to all our questions, buried in the quick-fire footage.

A Sneak Shot Of Enchantress

Rumored to be the true villain of the piece for months now, Enchantress' secret plan has been hinted at since the second trailer. To catch you up, June Moon (played by Cara Delevingne) is possessed by Enchantress, an evil spirit bent on some grand plan of destruction.

The trailers try to fool us into thinking that Enchantress is one of the Squad. Check out this sneaky shot!

We see El Diablo, Enchantress, Harley, and Deadshot all react to the Joker's laugh on the soundtrack. The positioning of Enchantress in between the shots of Task Force X makes it seem like she's one of the gang, but that shot of her is actually from a bedroom scene that we saw snippets of in the other trailers. Crafty.

Enchantress Is In Amanda's Meeting

In the third trailer, we see Amanda Waller's official pitch to assemble the Task Force X team. She addresses a room full of White House officials, which we know from the White House logo on the screens. That's all cut and dry, but when we put it together with footage from the second trailer, we spotted something interesting.

Is Enchantress manipulating Amanda Waller?
Is Enchantress manipulating Amanda Waller?

Yup, that's Enchantress in the exact same room, which would imply that at some point she crashes this meeting. Oh, and the line she delivers suggests she's doing some magical manipulation:

"Let's have some fun."

Could this mean that Enchantress has been pulling the strings all along, causing Task Force X to be assembled in the first place? We did see her sneaking around with Rick Flag in the second trailer, too.

Enchantress as June Moon with Rick Flag.
Enchantress as June Moon with Rick Flag.

So it's possible she's been manipulating the Squad right from the beginning. It's difficult to tell at this point, but that could be why Deadshot observes that Task Force X are "patsies" later — except the Squad members aren't Amanda Waller's pawns, but Enchantress's.

Enchantress Attacks The Whitehouse

This is another hint from Amanda Waller's screens; look carefully at what she's watching.

Amanda Waller surveys the destruction.
Amanda Waller surveys the destruction.

That certainly seems to be the White House itself, with one of Enchantress's magical creatures attacking it, probably the Tattooed Man who we saw in the previous trailer. But he's not alone; Enchantress has raised what seems like an entire army of creatures made from ash.

All of this sets up Enchantress to be the ultimate Big Bad whose plans the Squad have to foil. And yet, we've also got the Joker to factor into this.

So, Who's The Real Villain?

It's possible that Suicide Squad is going to pull a bait and switch on us, teasing the Joker as the main antagonist throughout the entire movie until Task Force X realizes they were actually being manipulated by Enchantress all along.

This could mean that Amanda Waller wants the Squad to take down the Joker at first. Although a lot of the Joker scenes are flashbacks, it seem as though in the present day he's working with other criminals in whatever scheme he's planning.

The Joker infiltrates some kind of facility.
The Joker infiltrates some kind of facility.
"Are you sweet talkin' me? All that chit chat's gonna get you hurt."

So says the Joker in a mysterious scene where he appears to be in a restaurant. Put that together with Leto's villain breaking into a factory (the above shot), and it seems like he's got a grand plan too.

Phew. What with bad guys as protagonists and even badder guys as villains, it's difficult to work out what's really going on in Suicide Squad. But one thing's for certain: Enchantress is ready to fuck shit up.

Joker or Enchantress: who do you think is the true villain of 'Suicide Squad'?


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