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With the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuously growing.One of the upcoming characters set to join the universe is, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

According to Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios president),Announcements for regarding the movie will be made in the upcoming months.

“I think we’ll be announcing a filmmaker in the next month or two, and probably some cast members later in the summer, at the end of the summer,” Feige said.

So, I have decided to list some actresses who should play Carol Danvers in her solo movie.

Elizabeth Banks

First of all,Banks looks so much like Carol Danvers, sort of like a spitting image,well to me at least. However, similarity isn't the only thing special about Elizabeth Banks. The actress has starred in many successful movies. Including The Hunger Games,Love & Mercy,Pitch Perfect, and Walk of Shame. She's capable of pulling off both drama and humor. She has that charm that we love so much about Carol Danvers.

Jessica Chastain

Talk about a complete bad ass,Jessica Chastain literally has the look of a super-hero. She's one of Hollywood's most remarkable and popular actresses right now. 2 time Academy Award nominee,winner and nominee of a Golden Globe Award,the list goes on and on. Jessica Chastain is simply a powerhouse.

Natalie Dormer

Currently starring in HBO's Game of Thrones, slowly transitioning to filmography,Dormer is a perfect pick for Captain Marvel. Although she previously appeared in Captain America:The First Avenger, this doesn't necessarily have to stop the chances of her being cast. Dormer is no stranger to action, as she had lots of in movies like Mockingjay. She's sexy,funny,and badass.

Brie Larson

Recently received critical acclaim for her role in Room. Brie Larson is one of the possible choices to cast. Marvel loves to cast fresh and new faces in Hollywood. Although Brie has been in movies for a while now, She's currently at her peak. Marvel would obviously capitalize on that by casting her as Carol.

Wild Card - Hilary Duff

Marvel loves to be unpredictable. Hilary Duff would be an unexpected pick,and surprisingly she can pull it off. Previously starred in Lizzie McGuire,and currently starring in TV Land's Younger, Duff is no stranger to the camera. She has the looks,smart,and charm.

So this is my list! I know everyone will scream at me EMILY BLUNT, but i dont know, i just dont feel it. Anywho,hope you enjoyed reading! Please comment and share YOUR casting choices!


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