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Jason Voorhees is used to terrifying the crap out of pretty much anyone since his first onscreen appearance in Friday the 13th (1980). Hell, he even took on Freddy Krueger! But what would happen if he came across the most sulky and sadistic of adolescents, Wednesday Addams?

Well, filmmaker Chopper Denton (a.k.a. Tracy Morse) has attempted to answer that question in his humorous and well made short film, Wednesday the 13th. In the quirky, fun, and concise clip, the two worlds of horror collide and the outcome is perhaps, unsurprising.

Braids vs. The Brawn

In the world of crossovers and shared universes, it could actually make for a hilarious and lighthearted flick if the pair teamed up and wreaked havoc on the general public. Check out the full clip below:

Check out the brief synopsis below:

"A chance meeting between Wednesday Addams and Jason Voorhees turns into a violent and macabre game of cat and mouse. It's The Braids VS The Brawn!"


Which character do you prefer?

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