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The video game industry - and the film business for that matter - has been fascinated with space as of late. This art form has always paired well with adventures into the final frontier, but it seems that more and more games are visiting the stars in recent years.

With space sims like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and countless adventures on VR devices, it seems we're becoming more and more fascinated by how games can bring us closer to the unknown - just look at how everyone's fawning over [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052). But while the Mass Effect trilogy was superb when it came to creating unique planets and species to inhabit them, I always felt it lacking when it came to space itself. Mass Effect: Andromeda aims to fix this.

Mass Effect: Andromeda & Its Relationship With Space

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect has always been a game with beautiful terrestrial environments, beautiful places to explore. We want to make sure that we’re representing space, the larger picture. One of the premises we’ve been really driving with this game is the dichotomy of epic adventure and personal journey.
With this image, you see the epic side of things, but also the tiny little ship – what’s their journey? We want to progress from the trilogy and make space a place, that is as important a part of your exploration as the rest of the game.

The quote above was stated in relation to the image below by a representative of BioWare and it's something that makes me excited for the release date of Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Despite exploring space like no other game, the original Mass Effect trilogy had a strange relationship with it. It focused on the planets and its peoples. When we moved through space, it was either in the form of a cut scene, or the little mini-game that many people disliked in Mass Effect 2 (I enjoyed it, though). It was a limiting form of interaction and perhaps diminished the sense of awe-inspiring scale.

As you flit about the galaxy map controlling the Normandy, you fail to take into account the extraordinary distances you're covering. You don't feel the presence of space, the isolation, the beauty. No Man's Sky is prioritizing this sense of immersion and we're glad that Andromeda is considering the same. We're unsure if we'll be able to pilot a ship throughout the space surrounding a planet, but wouldn't that be incredible?

Are You Excited For The Release Date Of Mass Effect: Andromeda?


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