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With the early reviews for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) storming in, and most of the praise flowing toward Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man, it comes as no surprise that the talks of the next Spider-Man solo venture are running ramped across the web. Explanations of how the film will be handled between Marvel and Sony, the confirmation of the inclusion of other MCU characters to be involved in the film, and the all-but-confirmed lead villain are among them. So far, all signs are pointing to The Vulture as being the next in line to challenge Spidey on the big screen. I absolutely love the hype being generated, but it also worries me a bit, that quite often, in order to meet the demands of the hype, things tend to get rushed and mistakes get made. Hopefully, they can avoid this and put out the Spider-Man movie we have been craving for all these years.

Aside from The Vulture's name being tossed around I have also read rumors that there may potentially be other big named villains involved in the film. Something tells me the need to include multiple "Big Bads" is an incentive coming from Sony's end of the deal. We don't need a handful of villains to confuse us and detract from the overall story. Keep it simple, keep it funky, and give us one solid villain to focus our attention on. Too much going on at once is never a good thing.

So, now that my dreams of seeing Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin doing battle with Spider-Man on the silver screen have been crushed, I can focus on whether or not the The Vulture is the right choice. You know what? After investing a solid amount of time thinking about it, The Vulture makes all the sense in the world.

Special effects galore

The Vulture is a villain that takes to the sky as a menacing threat that quite literally rains terror on those below. His mechanical wings alone will require a great deal of special effects along with his ability to fly and do battle with Spider-Man high in the skies. The Vulture will allow the creative time to push the limits to the max in creating a villain that will visually wow audiences as he swoops into action to square off with our favorite wall-crawler.

Multi-Region battles

A solid story backed by an excellent cast are key elements to the success of Spider-Man's next solo film, but let's not forget that this is in fact a comic-based film, so the battle scenes and final fight with the lead villain are just as important. Spider-Man is a hero that isn't bound by the basic laws of physics and gravity, so in order to create the most intense and intriguing fight scenes possible, you need someone able to follow our hero around within the multiple levels in which he operates in. The Vulture's ability to set the skies ablaze will lead to some heavy eye pleasing moments. With the MCU's penchant for always delivering as far as actions is concerned, I can't wait to see Spider-Man whooping some serious bird ass in the clouds.

A high-flying menace
A high-flying menace

Freshness to the max

With Tom Holland cast as a much younger version of Spider-man than we have previously been given, it would make total sense to include The Vulture, especially if they stick to the original story line. Adrian Toomes aka Vulture, though technically old and inflicted with cancer, found a way to restore his youth by sucking the life force out of people. His main target becomes Spider-Man himself in which he succeeds at one point, reviving his vitality and leaving Peter Parker trapped in the body of an elderly man. It’s a unique story that can definitely make for some interesting material that hasn’t been done before.

A mental challenge

Peter Parker himself is a bit of a genius, and though a villain that relies on brute strength can be entertaining, a “smart” villain will always pose the most challenging. Spidey has taken on quite a few challengers lacking in the brains department, and though he may not be able to match their strength at times, his sharp wit always allowed him to out-think and eventually defeat them. In order to create a true threat to Spider-Man, you need a villain that can not only pose a physical threat to him, but one capable of outsmarting him as well. The Vulture, much like The Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus before, are capable of such threat.

Rebel with a cause

Yes, the Vulture can be a ruthless killer at times, willing to murder anyone that gets in his way, but it’s not without reason. Much like Walter White, he’s dying of Cancer, which leads him to committing unspeakable acts to try and halt death. He's not just attacking Spider-Man without reason, he has an agenda. This makes him a villain where people can fully understand where he is coming from, creating a memorable threat with true character.

The Vulture makes all the sense in the world and with the right actor donning the wings, we have all the makings of a memorable villain to challenge Spidey in new and interesting ways. The only drawback from introducing a new villain is the unnecessary need to include his "creation" story. Being that this version of Spider-Man has already been established in the MCU, hopefully the villain can be as well. With an established villain they can cleverly included flashbacks and elements to help get an understanding of how The Vulture came to be without having to waste a good amount of time on his transformation.

Sony IS involved in the film, hopefully just as a name and not directly linked to the creative team. Otherwise we might have to watch a film where the lead villain was roaming a desert when the testing of a nuclear bomb send radioactive waves fusing an actual vulture to a nearby Adrian Toomes. I still cringe at the thought of Electro being created by falling into a vat of electric eels. Terrible. Please stick to the original story as there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dying man that just so happens to be an electrical engineer, using his knowledge to create his wings of flight.

Here's hoping they find the right man for the job. Bryan Cranston would be my first choice, but the similarities between Adrian Toomes turning to criminal ways when dying of cancer is eerily reminicent of Walter White in breaking bad, I doubt it would happen. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be insanely awesome though. I remember hearing the rumors of Sam Raimi's plan to include The Vulture in Spider-Man 4 with John malkovich slated to play Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. Malkovich is a TREMENDOUS talent with superhuman abilities to play any part and make it believable. He can be charming, he can be witty, he can be evil, and he can be downright psychotic when necessary. Hopefully his name hasn't been permanently crossed off the list of candidates.

Malcovich has my vote for Adrian Toomes
Malcovich has my vote for Adrian Toomes

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