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So, here's a short film that I made as part of my college course. The objective was to create an 8 minute film based on a short story/novel, or poem. I chose to adapt a short sci-fi/horror story called "Sleep". I've made a few significant changes, but the central story is intact.

Here is a link to the film. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think:

Plot Synposis:

Jane struggles to deal with guilt, paranoia, and isolation after killing her flat mate, Folan, as well as having to keep her actions a secret from his girlfriend, Ares.


Director/Writer/Editor - Ross Boyle (Based on a short story by Michael K. Rose)

Camera Operator - Aaron Bayne

Sound - Ross Graham

Location Provider - Sarah Logan


Katie Tierney - Jane

Sarah Logan - Ares

Chris McLeish - Folan


Mattia Cupelli - The Ghost and the Gangster

Link to the track:

Link to his channel:

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Instagram: RossBoyle_

Twitter: @RossBoyle_

Thanks for watching!


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