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After a long cold spell of little information coming our way from official sources regarding the long awaited Pokemon GO, we were hit with wave after wave of wonderful Reddit leaks when the Japanese field testing began at the end of March.

For our breakdown of the initial gameplay leaks you can check out this link here, and read on for the new information...

How Pokémon GO will look in the store
How Pokémon GO will look in the store

So now even more details have emerged, and quite excitingly we've found out a little more about how catching Pokémon will work. A fifteen minute long gameplay video was posted to Reddit by PokemonGoGameplay (succinct name, we like it), but was swiftly removed due to copyright and all that.

But though we can't show you the video we can relay the breakdown of what new information we learned from it, and it's largely to do with catching Pokémon in the wild. Exciting! But bear in mind that this is all taken from leaked footage and reports though, so nothing is yet official on this information. Fetch the salt.

Catching Pokémon

When you come across a Pokémon in the wilderness of your backyard you can attempt to capture it, just like in the games. Each Pokémon you catch gains you one shard of an evolution crystal, something which you need to evolve your pocket monsters (click here for more information about evolution).

When attempting to catch a Pokémon the red circle on your Pokéball appears to grow and shrink, and the smaller the circle is when you throw the ball the more likely your attempt is to be successful.

XP Boosts

Each Pokémon you catch also comes with one hell of an XP boost. Here's how it's looking right now:

  • New Pokémon caught: 500 XP
  • A "normal" capture: 100 XP
  • Achieving a "Nice" throw: 10 XP
  • Achieving a "GREAT!" throw: 50 XP

Rather than levelling up your Pokémon however it's the Trainer character themselves which works on a levelling system. Each level you unlock gives you further access to new and shinier items, so get grinding.


Each Pokémon you capture is reported to have only two attacks, rather than the four possessed by your pocket monsters in the main series' games.

These attacks consist of a "fast" attack, and a "charged" attack. Likely fast attacks will always strike first, whilst charged attacks will be slower, but more powerful.

Hatching Eggs

Yep, you can collect and hatch Pokémon from eggs in Pokémon GO too, just like the other games. From the looks of things hatching is related to distance walked rather than time elapsed or the like.

The egg seen in the leaked video has a counter below it, which reads "0 / 1 KM". Presumably the egg hatches once you've walked a kilometer from time of catching. No word yet though on if one kilometer will be the prerequisite hatching distance for every egg, or whether it will vary from egg to egg.


Leaked GO data reveals Pokéstops and Gyms
Leaked GO data reveals Pokéstops and Gyms

We'd previously suspected that Pokéstops would be the Pokémon GO equivalent of PokéMarts, but it looks like they're more closely linked to Ingress' portals.

According to the leaked reports Pokéstops "are just like portals that you hack", comprising of a spinning disk centre. Spinning the disk causes bubbles to pop out, and you burst these bubbles to get to the items inside.

They are also reported to give the player character an undefined amount of XP, as the tester in the leaked footage appeared to level up at a Pokéstop.

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Source: Reddit


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