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People Can Be Obsessed With A Game?! Nah...

There are tons of games that can hold your attention, and that's all fine and dandy — but then there are the trouble games that you become obsessed with and won't put down, no matter what. I'm talking about games that have a ridiculous amount of replayability, excessive grinding, dungeon crawling, and have an almost never ending story. Here are three games that you — or someone you know — were probably obsessed with.

1. We All Knew This Was Coming, But 'World Of Warcraft'

Oh man, the World of Warcraft pick, yeah? Yes, because holy crap that game is crazy addictive. While this game honestly is on the decline, there was a time when almost every gamer had played it at least once. With literally entire multiple worlds to explore and loads of content to plow through, it's no wonder this game made the list.

Let's see, World of Warcraft does indeed offer a ton of replayability thanks to its use of classes, races, quests, alliances, and servers. Excessive grinding is a definite big one because the level cap is up to 100 now, which is ridiculous for an MMORPG, so check that one off everyone's lists. It's literally a dungeon crawling machine because that's all you honestly ever really do, so yet another check. Lastly, it also has a never ending story, or quite honestly just a story you don't exactly care about so that's the final check mark! Bam! You've probably played it, right?

2. Any Of The 'Souls' Games

"Wait, what? I've never ever played any of the Souls games in my life!" said nobody who likes dungeon crawling games. I won't even lie, I played the living hell out of Demon Souls and Dark Souls, but I made sure to leave it at that. I knew that if I played any of the others I would become too attached!

There are hundreds of different ways to play these games. Whether you want to focus on magic, ranged, sword and shield, two weapon style, fisticuff, or a mix of all of the above — it doesn't matter because every playthrough is different. This game has extreme replayability, a crazy amount of grinding, and a combat system that will keep you hooked all the way through. Caught you, didn't I?

3. 'The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim'

Oh man was the The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game the flavor of the last couple of years. People who don't even play video games know what Skyrim is, and that's saying something. This game came from behind and made us its — actually, let's just move on.

Skyrim has every element a game needs to be crazy addictive. It too has many races, and a plethora of ways to play your character. There're no distinct classes so you basically level your character up and pick your own perks in a bunch of different talent trees. You could be a thief who pickpockets the streets, a ranger who picks off his/her targets from afar, a melee class with a sword and board, or even a two-handed weapon for smashing skulls!

The extreme open world is a lot like the Fallout games, where anything could happen when you least expect it. Yeah, I know you and I are basic and played the hell out of this game.

Well? How Did I Do?

These games are all doing so well still, considering how long they have been out.

Did I guess one of the games you were or are still obsessed with? If not, then tell me what games keep you occupied the most when you're bored and why!


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