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The not-exactly-difficult-to-look-at Olivia Munn just sent the millions of men who sit at their Macs refreshing her Instagram feed into meltdown, and for once it wasn't because she posted an insanely cute selfie.

Posing with a bunch of friends including Arrested Development funny man Jason Bateman, Munn captioned the following picture "True Detective season 3"...

Abbey Lee of Mad Max fame is in the mix too, along with Jillian Bell from Seth Rogen's The Night Before. Honestly, they all look pretty badass. Okay, except for Santa. He's not even fat.

Anyway, the post was hashtagged , and it seems to have caused some confusion about whether Munn and Bateman just announced that they're on board for True Detective season 3 in the most aloof fashion, or whether they just had a really awesome work Christmas party... in April.

Sorry to disappoint, guys, but Munn and the gang is actually filming a comedy movie called Office Christmas Party. Bateman co-stars in the holiday-themed flick, along with Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon and T.J. Miller.

If anyone wants to put their detective hats on and work out quite what True Detective has to do with Office Christmas Party, please let me know. I'm hoping for some kind of homage, because Jason Bateman playing an angsty detective and Munn satirising the classic True Detective damsel in distress would be pretty priceless.

So, what have we learned today? Well, Olivia Munn is still gorgeous, Jennifer Aniston might finally be in something properly funny, and we still don't know a God damn thing about True Detective season 3, except that it has a bunch of celebrity fans.

If you want to know what we actually do know about season 3, check out: True Detective Season 3 Finally Confirmed: Here's How It Can Repair the Damage

Would Olivia Munn in True Detective be the greatest thing ever?


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