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Over the decade my interest in films has grown to where I would like to express how movies are an influence and a reflection of our society
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This movie, as mentioned in the caption above is the Spiritual Sequel to Dazed and Confused which came out in 1993. Whereas Dazed and Confused took place in high school, Everybody Wants Some is a college film. And with a college film, you would expect your typical college movie tropes, and you do, but this movie is a little different than say Animal House or Accepted. This movie is probably the most accurate portrayal of what college is really like, or more specifically what its like to be a freshman coming into college for the first time during the Orientation Week at college.

The film takes place in 1980 Texas, where we follow young freshman Jake as he learns what its like to have the college experience, at least during the orientation week. He meets his roommates/baseball teammates in one of the houses used by the campus. His teammates give a wide range of the atypical college students. From the jocks to the pot heads, Jake's teammates give an accurate portrayal of what it would be like in a college dorm room or a frat house.

One of the most important aspects of the film is the accuracy of what college life is like. In most college films, you get over dramatized/hollywoodized scenes, particularly the party and drinking scenes, with someone going too hardcore on the drinking or some other college film trope. This film doesn't do that, instead it shows what an average college party would be like, of course taking place in 1980, so adding a unique time period flare to it. It doesn't have too many outrageous characters, most of them being relatively average, but of the unique characters, you get some of the best scenes in the film. One of the best things I noticed about this film is this -- you could take this film and put it in any other time period as long as you remove some of the key details that make this film's setting in 1980. This film literally could fit in any time period because all the characters in this do pretty much the same things anyone in college right now would do. You don't really notice a difference in the times. That's how good this movie connects to young people who have been to college and/or are going to college right now. The only notable difference between then and now would be the lack of phones, but other than that, quite accurate to what college is like. Its a very refreshing college film.

The film not only accurately portrays college, but it is also good. It has hilarious moments with some of its more eccentric characters. It has good story telling with a very simple plot. The plot being that we have Jake, the freshman, joining the baseball team, with the first practice being in a few days. Along the way Jake meets a girl, but never gets her name. He eventually finds out her name by leaving his name and number on her dorm room door. The two meet and hit it off from there. During those days of meeting the team and the girl: partying, and all sorts of things go on, with it all ending with the first day of classes.

The film stars Blake Jenner as Jake, Zoey Deutch as Beverly (The Girl), and a number of other people who are Jake's teammates/roommates. It is directed by Richard Linklater, who has directed many other films including Dazed and Confused, School of Rock and Boyhood. You should check out the film especially if you have been to college or if you have seen and liked Dazed and Confused. It has been given reviews by a number of critics. I do love the continuing theme of popular rock music to represent the times the movie takes place in. Everybody Wants Some is a reference to Van Halen's Song with the same name, like how Dazed and Confused is a reference to Led Zeppelin's song with the same name. I will give the movie a solid 8 out of 10 for its accuracy regarding what college is really like and for the fact that the movie has some solid acting with a simple story.


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