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A non-profit Web series, Todd: Before The Bat is the idea dreamed up of by myself as a fan of the Red Hood character. Jason Todd is famous in the DC Comic book mythology for being one of two things. The Robin who died & the Red Hood. But, that begs the question. Who was Jason before he entered this world of crime fighting and murder? Who was he before he put on the mask? Todd: Before The Bat is a 3 Part mini series, to make its début on YouTube, that will attempt to answer that question.

Set in the past on the streets of Gotham, the series is centered around Jason Todd before he met Batman. Jason, at this point, is still an average Gotham street kid who does what he has to survive on Gotham's treacherous streets and alleyways. However, Jason knows that this is the wrong thing to do and aims to escape this life style he is leading. So, with the help of his friends, Jason with be put out of his league like never before and embark on an epic adventure which will answer the question to why Jason was in Crime Alley the night he met Batman, as well as what he had to do to get there.

The Series, as of now, is still in the final stages of work and will be, eventually, launching a Kickstarter campaign to generate the funds needed to support the series, of which rewards will be given to backers depending on how much they pledge to the series. Certain videos will be posted, relating to the series, on the YouTube channel SuperHeroFan 01, some of which will include Test Footage to show what the cast and crew can do with a near to no budget, as well as showing what can be achieved with the extra funding needed to get it to the quality level that we, as film makers, want and what the audience to the series would want.

So, if you want to support the series or keep in touch with the progress made then go to the Todd: Before The Bat Facebook page and give it a like, of which can be located at .

Here, you can also watch the announcement video from the SuperHeroFan 01 channel that goes into detail about the web series.


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