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The first trailer for Marvel's "Doctor Strange" debuted online last night just a couple hours before it aired during Jimmy Kimmel. As far as my history with the character of Doctor Strange, I only know him as the guy who briefly got his name mentioned during "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", so this is a trailer that could either make me more interested in getting to know the character, or turn me off from getting more involved in this property. As it would turn out, it's definitely the former.

There are a couple of different vibes that this trailer gives off, two of them ironically making this movie feel like two previous Christopher Nolan movies, "Batman Begins" and "Inception". I say "Batman Begins" because of the fact that it's an origin story where our hero treks to a certain location and learns new abilities from a mysterious mentor. The "Inception" feeling comes from all of the trippy visuals like that of Mads Mikkelsen's character apparently bending his environment around him as well as a shot of an entire city being manipulated into some type of 3-dimensional landscape.

The other feeling I get from this movie is that it's going to be very different from other Marvel films. Previous Marvel movies that delved into the matter of magic, such as "Thor", simply describe magic as a more advanced version of science, but this movie looks like it could very well go all out with the fact that Doctor Strange is more or less a wizard, but that leads me into one of my concerns with this movie.

As much as I would very well like to see a Marvel movie finally go all out with the magical properties, this movie still looks like it might go for the more grounded approach to some of the stuff it's explaining. What I mean is that there are parts in this trailer where it would seem that it's going to focus on the supposed phenomenon of Astral Projection, a state in which a person's spiritual self separates from their physical body to enter a different realm of reality; it's basically an out of body experience. That would be interesting to see in a Marvel movie, but I also want to see just one movie where it doesn't try to explain the "magic" with anything grounded to reality. I just want to see an all out form of magic that isn't even worth an explanation. It's just other worldly magic, and that's that. I just hope this movie at least tries to go for something like that.

In the end, this is simply a teaser trailer, meaning that we're only suppose to get a look at the tone as well as some small details in terms of plot. In that regard, this movie did a good job of that, and I'm more interested in seeing this movie than I was before viewing this teaser. Benedict Cumberbatch looks like a solid fit for the role, the visuals are already looking great, and feels like it could very well be the most different of the MCU films. The Marvel movies could use some variety, so I'll welcome any new ideas that this movie has to offer.


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