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Although three weeks have already gone by since the long anticipated premiere of Batman v Superman, the DC superhero hype is far from over. While the controversially accepted film focused on the introducing us to the power trio The Trinity, we also got a sneak peak of what will hopefully soon be The Justice League.

As a quick review for those of us who may have forgotten, during the movie, Diana Prince, alias Wonder Woman, searches for a top secret picture of herself that has been in the possession of Lex Luthor. Upon attaining the picture, Prince discovers that Luthor has had his eye on four other meta-humans with mind-boggling powers ~ Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and The Green Lantern.

While everyone is pretty familiar with the heads of The Trinity, i.e. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, it is now time for the other members of the Justice League to have their time in the limelight in Justice League Part One.


Original Story

Born in Amnesty Bay, Maine, the man we know as Aquaman was first known as Arthur Curry. Arthur was raised by mother Atlanna and father Tom Curry, who took care of the local lighthouse at the bay. Eventually, young Arthur started to show signs of super human strength as well as aquatic abilities such as breathing underwater and speaking to sea creatures. While at death's doorstep, his mother Atlanna exposed her true identity as the exiled Queen of Atlantis, making him the heir to the seven seas. His human father then allowed and assisted Arthur in nurturing and mastering his powers, which eventually led him into becoming Aquaman and a founding member of the Justice League.

Reboot Story

Rather than being raised as a human unaware of his meta-human, Aquaman was instead born as Prince Orin, son of Queen Atlanna and heir to the Atlantean Royal Throne. Queen Atlanna was initially unable to give birth to a child her her husband King Trevis. She, however, was able to give birth to her son Orin after being impregnated by the immortal wizard Atlan. Sadly, the child's blonde hair assured King Trevis that Orin was not his, causing the King to leave the child at Mercy Reef to die. However, Orin's ability to speak to sea creatures allowed him to survive by communicating with the dolphins, who raised him. Unlike the first origin story, Tom Curry, who is still a lighthouse operator, took in Orin and named the Atlantean Arthur Curry.

The Flash

Jay Garrick (First Appearance: Flash Comics #1)

As a young college student in the mid-1900s, Jason Peter Garrick fell asleep in his laboratory and inhaled heavy water vapors, causing the activation of a latent metagene and resulting in newly acquired super-human speed and reflexes. Garrick begins use his new powers against crime following a career as successful college football player. Garrick's crime-fighting alter ego, known as The Flash, dresses in a red shirt topped with a winged helmet that was originally owned and used by his father in World War I. This original version of The Flash suit pays homage to both the Roman god Mercury and the Greek god Hermes, both of which are known for their swiftness.

Barry Allen (First Appearance: Showcase #4)

Barry Allen first made an appearance in Showcase #4 comic a slow forensic scientist with a knack for always being late. While finishing up his work and preparing to leave, a rogue lightning bolt smashes chemicals in the lab, which then spill all over Allen, giving super fast speed and reflexes. In honor of his favorite childhood comic hero The Flash, who happens to be named Jay Garrick, Allen takes on a red body suit featuring lightning bolt symbols, which pays tribute to the lightning bolt that turned him into The Flash in the first place. The suit is hidden in a specially designed ring when not in use and can then be ejected when needed. Barry is well respected by those who followed him. Even Batman respected the famous speedster, saying:

Barry is the kind of man that I would've hoped to become if my parents hadn't been murdered.

Wally West (First Appearance: Flash #110)

While visiting the police station laboratory, Wally West, nephew to Barry Allen's wife Iris West, suffered the same fate as Allen and was splattered in active chemicals that endowed him with super speed and reflexes. Young West took on the identity of Kid Flash and donned a mostly yellow version of the former Flash's costume. Wally West eventually become a co-founder of the Teen Titans.


Once a promising star athlete, Victor Stone suffers grotesque injuries when an experiment goes wrong during a visit to his scientist parents' lab. The severely mutilated Victor is then saved when his father outfits his son with specially designed metallic implants. The implants, along with Victor's scientifically heightened IQ, allows the Cyborg to have access to any computer system on the globe. Now unable to pursue his athletic passions and rejected from normal human society, Victor Stone, alias Cyborg, now uses his robotic abilities to fight evil and eventually joins the Teen Titans.

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern identity has been donned by several different characters, the first of which is Alan Scott, an unassuming railroad engineer. Following a railway crash, Scott comes across a magic lantern from which he created a ring that bestowed upon him the powers of the Green Lantern. There were caveats, however. The ring had to be charged by the lantern every 24 hours, and it could not affect wooden objects.

Others who have taken on the powers of the Green Lantern include Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, Jade, Thaal Sinetro, and Jediah Caul.

Many of these heroes have had multiple reincarnations and reboots throughout their comic book history, and the vigilante squad has seen its far share of comings and goings of its members. However, come November 17, 2017, The Justice League will finally get the live-action silver screen appearance it deserves. Comment below and share what you hope to see in what will undoubtedly be cinema's greatest heroic team up!



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