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Summer is nearly upon us! The clocks have been turned back, there's a warm breeze in the air, and with it comes the whiff of popcorn, petroleum and high expectations. With movies like "Deadpool", "10 Cloverfield Lane", and "Jungle Book" the year's been more or less good to us so far. And from the line-up ahead, it looks like the good just keeps giving! Here's the top ten films I'm most exited for, and why! P.s. They're in no particular order by the way!

Captain America: Civil War

2014 was an exceptional year for superhero films. What's more, is both "Captain America: Winter Solider" and "X Men: Days of Future Past" played no small part in that, and both are getting their sequels released this year! Heck if "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" were coming out this summer as well we'd just be spoilt for choice! I guess we'll have to settle for "Suicide Squad" instead. Retaining the same dark tone as it's predecessor, "Civil War" could better be described as "Avenger 3, the prelude". The fact that Thor and Hulk are missing is more than made up for with the Spidey and Black Panther additions. I not only anticipate "Civil War" to be a great movie, but to cement the Captain America trilogy as the strongest Marvel trilogy to date. Grab some sour patch kits and dust off you're spiderman outfit, this ones coming at you fast!


Steven Spielberg may go down in history as the greatest director of all time. Scorsese certainly thinks so, and this might be why. To paraphrase the film critic and novelist Danny Leigh, as arthouse film fanatics we may want film to be about a couple of people talking around a wooden table in the kitchen, but the reality is cinema is a spectacle. It's a medium to put your dreams up on the big screen, and nobody does that better than Spielberg. A filmography that spans back to 1975's Jaws, to the "Indiana Jones" movies, "Jurassic Park", "E.T.", none in hollywood have ever had a track record quite like Spielberg. As such any film released by this man is worth getting excited for, especially given the fact that Spielberg has proven he hasn't lost his touch with oscar nominations continuing to go to his films as recent as last year!


Director Duncan Jones may be one of the most under-rated creators in Hollywood. His directorial debut came in the form of 2009's "Moon", and climbed it's way to placing in my top 10 sci-fi movies of all time. Exploring themes of humanity and mortality in a film with a budget of just $2 million Jones isn't afraid to ask the big questions. His follow-up movie, 2011's "Source Code" was equally as ambitious, going into the subject-matter of parallel universe's and the space-time continuum. Similar to Christopher Nolan, Duncan Jones refuses to treat his audience as stupid, and unfortunately that's rare today. Another reason to be excited for this one is that it could be the first ever great video game adaptation onto the big screen! That'll be a huge deal for those wishing for a "Bioshock", "The Last of Us" or "Zelda" adaptations! "Hardcore Henry" showed that we are getting there, and if anyone can do it, Jones is the man!

Finding Dory

Pixar knows how to do sequels. And their 2015 mega-hit "Inside Out" truly put the Pixar nay sayers back in their place. The fact that Pixar's been waiting so long to produce this sequel shows that they are being careful. Written and directed by Andrew Stanton, not only the original writer/director for "Finding Nemo" but also "Wall E" and co-writing the "Toy Story trilogy" and "Monsters Inc" you can bet you're bottom dollar another Pixar classic is on the horizon.

Suicide Squad

I am a huge fan of director David Ayer. He's directed such great movies as "Harsh Times", "End of Watch" and 2014's "Fury". He knows how to direct camaraderie and banter between friends, especially during dark times. This makes him perfect for "Suicide Squad", the first opportunity Ayer has had at a mega blockbuster. The casting is top notch, and all three trailers have received well with audiences so far!

Overall I think we've got a quality line-up for summer 2016. It's not just the titles that look good, but the people behind the titles have a very steady track record too. It is this that truly make me excited for these movies. But what do you think? Out of the five movies I've listed, which one are you most excited for? Cast your vote in the poll down below:


What blockbuster are you most looking forward to this summer?


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