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With the hype for the highly anticipated "Captain America: Civil War"ratcheting up, some of the smaller, independent movies aren't getting the recognition they deserve. There's a lot of great entertainment to capture both at your local blockbuster cinema, and at your arthouse theatres as well. Here's 5 independent films definitely worth checking out this April:


Shot in one single take, "Victoria" follows the story of a Spanish girl whose recent move to Berlin warrants her lonely and in search of some new friends. One night she happens across a group of charming locals and the narrative takes off from there. Beautifully shot and meditative in tone, the director Sebastian Schipper Europeanises the shooting style popularised by Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu in "Birdman". Winner of multiple prizes such as the Golden Bear Award for best cinematography and German Film Award for best feature film, this film is definitely worth checking out for fellow arthouse enthusiasts.

Midnight Special

Despite being a hit with the critics, audiences haven't come out in droves to see this quirky superhero movie. Perhaps due to poor marketing or an over-saturation in the superhero genre mixed with the absence of any notable names in the cast list, the film has only acquired $4.6 million of it's $18 million budget. Given the talent of "Midnight Special's" director, Jeff Nichols, director of such hits as 2011's "Take Shelter" and "Mud", starring Matthew McCaunaghey, this is grave surprise. I love Nichol's films, and I believe he's doing something unique in cinema today that no one else is doing; giving narrative to the characters of children in independent cinema. This one is definitely worth checking out, and will almost certainly come as one of the better superhero movies of this year.

Hardcore Henry

Similar to "Victoria" in telling the story through a unique perspective, and similar to "Midnight Special" in being an alternative action thriller, the truth is "Hardcore Henry" is like nothing else you've ever experienced. It's not a movie, it is a thrill ride from beginning to end. Get the puke bucket ready, for "Hardcore Henry" will have adrenaline junkies yearning for more, and the more weak stomached amongst us queazier than that time they rode the teacups in Disney Land.


"Dheepan" follows a tamil tiger solider and his family during the final days of the Sri Lankan Civil War. French writer and director Jacques Audiard has a flair for capturing the struggle of the under-dog as he fights for his place in society. His past work includes 2012's "Rust and Bone" and 2009's "A Prophet". Both were critically praised and this looks like it'll be no different.

Our Little Sister

Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda has developed a knack for telling beautifully shot, intimate, family dramas. As much a commentary on modern Japanese society as the more personal stories they contain, Koreeda, is respectful and earnest with his subject matter. He finds humanity in all of his characters and blurs the lines between good and bad, protagonist and antagonist. Any fan of Japanese cinema, or anyone interested in gaining a detailed look at Japanese life and culture in the 21st century should check this man out. "Our Little Sister" is no different, and definitely worth seeing to spark your obsession with this hidden gem creator.

There's a lot of hidden gems to be found this month. In fact I can't think of a month in recent history with this much to see! Take advantage while you can!


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