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The following review is relatively spoiler free, so feel free to read on. With that being said, if you don't want to know anything about the movie before seeing it, you might prefer to turn away now.

Over the weekend, several social media reactions to Captain America: Civil War hit the internet. The positive feedback included that Spider-Man was amazing and the overall movie wildly entertaining. With these opinions rolling in, one could be forgiven for thinking that they're a bit over-exaggerated and that the movie might not live up to the hype. Though it is easy to resist these positive responses, let me tell you this:

Having seen the movie myself, I can assure you that it does indeed live up to the hype. Like all anticipated movies, I went into Civil War with very high expectations, but I was absolutely blown away. Civil War exceeded every confidence I had and it turned out to be what is undoubtedly the best Marvel movie yet.

Whereas some superhero films have to choose to either be dark and gritty or fun and lighthearted, Civil War transcends these guidelines and manages to be dark, gritty, fun and lighthearted all at once. This is an incredible feat that Marvel achieved with aplomb.

Spider-Man Was Incredible!

Let's get this one quickly out of the way, as it is the question I am sure you are all asking: Was Tom Holland a good Spider-Man? The answer is an undeniable yes. For years, Spider-Man fans have argued that Tobey Maguire was the best Spider-Man, whereas Andrew Garfield was the best Peter Parker (or vice versa). Holland, however, is the best of both worlds.

Whether he is playing Peter Parker or is suited up as Spider-Man, he blows the others out of the water and steals the show as everyone's favorite webslinger. His character is hilarious and adds a remarkable new element to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we had not yet seen.

The Story And Development Works Perfectly

Fans have been asking another question: Can this movie live up to Marvel's other great hits, like The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Civil War doesn't just live up to these films — it exceeds them. As we already know, directors Anthony and Joe Russo can weave incredible and powerful stories like they did with Winter Soldier. And The Avengers showed us how well an ensemble Marvel cast can work on screen.

For the first time, the incredible Russos got their hands on almost the entirety of the Avengers along with a few more characters new to the franchise. We already knew the Russos could tell a fantastic story, but it was only when they had access to all the characters that they could truly make a masterpiece. Civil War isn't like The Avengers, nor is it like Winter Soldier — rather, it's the perfect combination of both, which is what made this movie so compelling.

Surprisingly Enough, Ant-Man Was One Of The Best Bits

In a cast that includes other fantastic characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther, you really wouldn't expect a character with the name Ant-Man to shine. Yet he does. Ant-Man brings an element to the film that we would not expect from such a diminutive character.

Numerous superheroes are able to fly, are adept at hand-to-hand combat, and basically everyone packs some sort of super weapon. Ant-Man, however, is the only one who can shrink. This is an awesome trait of the character as those Ant-Man fights are hilariously choreographed, and some of Scott Lang's tools really add an awesome element to the big fight.

The Airport Fight Scene Is Something I Could Watch Over And Over Again

That big fight was EPIC. Without delving into the spoiler zone, the entire airport scene was incredible, packed with plenty of action and the jokes fit perfectly within the context. While we had already seen Captain America and Iron Man in multiple fights in the past, newer characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch really let their feathers show in what is simply the best part of the entire movie (which is saying something).

There was a lot going on in this fight, yet there was not too much. The way the Russo brothers set it up made for a perfect rhythm and flow. I never lost interest, yet I never missed anything. Civil War being the best Marvel movie may be up for debate, but regardless of what you think of the movie overall, this airport fight scene is irrefutably the most unbelievably incredible battle of any superhero film.

The Bucky/Captain America Story Is Very Heartwarming

As a continuation of their relationship at the end of Winter Soldier, we do see Captain America and Bucky reconnecting. Theres is a stirring bond as they are both largely the only things left of each other's former lives, with practically everyone else that they knew from the 1940s long gone, along with the culture of that time.

Because of this, we get to see the two align in a touching way. We see Steve's character develop as his old life with Bucky and his new life with the Avengers collide. The connection between Cap and Bucky turns the movie into an emotional rollercoaster — but in a good way!

If I had to rate the wildly entertaining Captain America: Civil War, it would perhaps be the first movie I would give a 10/10. By giving the movie a political bent while still maintaining that fun Marvel twist, it does what no film has ever done before it.

I seriously cannot wait to go see this movie again. This is not one you want to miss. Whether you love, hate or are indifferent to Marvel movies, this is unquestionably a movie you need to see in theaters.

To sum it all up, Captain America: Civil War is Marvel's greatest masterpiece. It brings fantastic characters with emotional depth, what is arguably the greatest fight scene in cinematic history, and a powerful story of justice and vengeance that we can watch time and time again.

'Captain America: Civil War' hits theaters May 6.

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