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The Doctor is in. Yesterday Marvel fans and moviegoers got their first look at the Sorcerer Supreme in the teaser trailer to Doctor Strange. The film centers on Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch): a renowned surgeon who loses his ability to use his hand. To regain what he lost, Strange travels across the world and discovers a being known as The Ancient One who teaches the Doctor about the world of magic. The trailer was announced to debut this week, and sure enough the preview appeared during The Jimmy Kimmel show; along with the film's star-Benedict Cumberbatch. Like many others, I eagerly awaited the debut of the trailer; but I what I saw went beyond my expectations.

As expected the trailer focused on the origin of Doctor Strange. Yet what caught me by surprise was the overall presentation of the preview. The trailer gave viewers just a taste of the movie's spectacle which was shown off with some dynamic cinematography. Watching the trailer, I could not help but get excited for this upcoming Marvel film because if this preview is any indication: then Doctor Strange may in fact be the studio's most dynamic film to date.

Given that Marvel has featured different superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, to state that Doctor Strange could be the most dynamic film in the MCU is indeed a bold statement. However just by watching this preview, I can tell that this film is going to be different from the other Marvel films. Doctor Strange being unique from other superhero films is not shocking as the movie is dealing with a other worldly subject. Granted the likes of Thor dealt with concepts that were out of this world but Doctor Strange looks to be dealing with areas that have been all but unknown to MCU; and handling ideas like magic it in a way that looks dynamic.

I was eager to see Doctor Strange before seeing the trailer, but now my anticipation has gone through the roof. While there is still a lot to see from this movie, I think the trailer made the right impression by capturing a superhero film that brings a new meaning to the term spectacle. Only time will tell just how effective this blockbuster will be, but if this trailer is any indication, then Doctor Strange could very well be a must see film for 2016.

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4, 2016.


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