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Last fall..

..James Franco's film production house Rabbit Bandini Productions optioned the movie rights to one of Chuck Palahniuk's most beloved works:

Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey.

However, there is one fan who had already been passionately hard at work years prior, crafting a flawless and creative adaptation of the novel with the dream of bringing it to the big screen.

With the utmost love of the novel, J.J. Pardo has been passionately hard at work with the screenplay for several years. The guys at Banana-Dragon Productions ( have made a video detailing all of the challenges involved in such a task and have loaded their video with tons of Easter eggs which anyone familiar with the book will appreciate. They’ve even come up with an intriguing cast list that makes you want to revisit the novel with these actor choices in your head. Check out the video below:

Anyone familiar with the works of Chuck Palahniuk knows that it takes a special kind of crazy to adapt his books into a screenplay to be brought to life on film. Palahniuk’s Rant is arguably the most difficult of his books to bring into another medium.

From dealing with the novel’s non-linear format, time travel plot points, and juggling one of the craziest cast of characters in literary history, this would be quite a challenge for any screenwriter.

In the past, the team at Banana-Dragon Productions created the video ‘Fight Club: Copy of a Copy’ a short film that adapted the novel ending of Fight Club and merged it with the film’s ending, which even caught the attention of Chuck Palahniuk; he published an article featuring it in Issue #9 of Fight Club 2. You can see their awesome book ending below:


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