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Ok, first off, if you haven't seen the teaser trailer for Doctor Strange please click the picture below. Once you're done with that we will begin.

The first thing I will say is that Benedict Cumberbatch looks great in the concept art as Strange. However in the trailer it looks like they tried too hard to make him look scraggly. That minor gripe aside he is a good actor and I believe he will be able to carry the film. After all, Marvel has killed it in their casting choices the past decade so this choice I feel will be no different. Strange is not entirely well known in the Marvel universe but has recently been gaining notoriety. I am sure that has to do with the fact the movie has created a buzz. However he has a very interesting story and I implore all who wish to see the movie Wiki him and learn what you can before. On to my impression.

For a character as unknown to the masses as Strange is we all know this will be an origin story. The trailer begins with what looks like him in the accident where possibly a mystical force will allow him to survive. This would mirror his true to comic origin as well as introduce us to how Marvel will play with magic in this movie. Up to this point in the MCCU magic has been treated as just another form of technology. Next we see Rachel McAdam's dressed as a nurse talking to him as he is being rushed through a hospital on a bed as we see flashes of different locals and shots from Strange's life.

At this point I must say I don't quite know what trailer I'm looking at. Tilda Swinton is introduced as 'The Ancient One' and looks a lot like Morpheus from the 'Matrix' movies. To further blur those lines we next see her and Strange doing some martial arts where she knocks his spirit from his body. This, it seems, teaches him of parallel realities as the dialogue suggests.

In the next scene we begin watching the movie Inception where an unnamed character played by type-cast villain actor Mads Mikkelsen begins to warp the structures around him. This theme continues quite a bit in this trailer, be warned, ensuing vertigo.

Lastly we see Strange kneeling before Tilda as he pleads to her "teach me." as the screen fades to black only to open back up with a behind view of Benedict in full garb.

I am glad to see this movie coming out. In recent years comic book movies have tried to stay grounded in reality. Though I understand why they choose to do so thy cant avoid it in this story. As for the trailer it doesn't provide too much to give the story away but I feel the special effects are rip offs of a sort from movies like Matrix and Inception. I would have liked to see them go a more original route. It's a little underwhelming to me but I will be waiting to see the actual trailer and make up my mind then.

So how do you feel about the teaser? Was it everything you hoped for or did it leave you wanting more? Tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next post.


Are you more excited for "Doctor Strange" after seeing the teaser?


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