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In the need for a great revenge flick but high speed chases and endless, overly choreographed fight scenes don't quite tickle your fancy? You are not alone with this. When I am in the need for spiteful satisfaction, action thrillers just don't do it for me. So, this week I aim to bring you 5 movies that all share a common theme; retribution and the dames that viciously dished it out.

Let's take a look:


After the first time I saw this darkly- hilarious tale of personal transformation and vengeance, I was completely awe struck. I immediately got online and ordered myself a hard copy of this one to add to my vast, yet selective collection. I had acquired another macabre masterpiece to add to my top shelf, as well as my new pre-prozac alter ego and cosplay.

Being a lover of dry humor, cynicism, gore, and strippers, this was a perfect film for somebody like me. Aside from being an empowering revenge story, it also gives its viewers a rare glimpse into the human psyche, and the underbelly of society. The role of Mary Mason is executed with a morbid grace that could only be pulled off by (ever stunning) Katharine Isabelle. Mary is a uniquely-morbid heroine who I was delighted to find shares a certain likeness to, “Emily the Strange.” Although she was one fierce bitch, she does not stand completely alone. American Mary is cast with gems like Tristan Risk and even features an incredible cameo from, The Soska Sisters, the very deranged and beautiful minds behind this work of art.


“The Woman” is the film adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s novel of the same name, as well the sequel to, ‘The Offspring,’ and a collaboration with the talented and grim, Lucky Mckee. Somewhere between primal rage, and poetic justice is where I would place this callously honest. Being a, “woman of the universe,” I can appreciate the anti conformist undertones just as much as I take pleasure in bearing witness to one of the best deliveries of appropriate retribution I have seen in film to date.

The Woman, played impressively by Pollyanna McIntosh, represents the primal, instinctual animal that truly lies within us all. A human whose only will is to survive,and exist freely, without the corruption of greed, lust, and power. So, most of all, I appreciate the bare truth this movie aims to teach us; evil can only exist within “civilized” society. The Woman was an animal, and I have never met an animal I did not like.


Where do I even begin to explain the disturbing poetry and horrifically beautiful resolution that make up this film? Oh I know, the fact that May is played by underground horror icon, Angela Bettis. Never have I seen anything less than extraordinary come from a project Angela Bettis is apart of, and if that isn’t enough, this title also features everyone’s favorite silly scream queen, Ana Faris.

This is a movie that won my heart at a young age, and never let it go. May is a woman who is uber relate-able to the socially awkward outcast everywhere. She is meek, nerdy, lonely, and maybe more than a bit disturbed. She may be quiet, and she may be weird, but she is a forced to be reckoned with, and she damn is tired of being alone.

Ever the creative woman that May is, the movie closes with a horrifically romantic scene that is as profound, as it is desperate.


If anyone reading this week’s post happened to have read my previous article on my favorite After Dark flicks, you may recall this title did in fact receive an honorable mention. It was cut from that article for one sole reason, Lola was too badass, she deserved a place all her own.

Slaughter stars Lucy Holt, who plays Lola, a sociopathic man-eater, whose story was inspired by actual events. Lola is anything but your typical scream queen, if anything she significantly closer to a female version of Patrick Bateman. Sure, she had her faults, (who doesn’t want a Rolex with no-strings attached?) but if you watch this movie and I find your bitch ass cheering for anyone other than this twisted broad, we can not be friends. She is manipulative, seductive, and adorable.

I salute you Lola, you are one hell of a bad bitch.


If you have ever been on the receiving end of the toxic waste that is (mainstream) society, this film is for you.

If you have ever been socially ostracized and beaten down by you entitled snot nose peers, this movie is for you.

If high school was the bane of your existence. If your home life was anything but picturesque.

If you have ever been broken by another human being and wanted nothing more than to serve out your own justice, this is the mother f*cking movie for you.

Shamefully, I almost passed right over this one, but I was so damned stoked that I didn’t. What caught my eye on this one as I was swiping passed, was the top billed cast; Bill Mosely, Kane Hodder, as advertised on NetFlix. Awesome! Great! What horror fan doesn’t love these dudes? It didn’t take more than the opening line to hook me. I began watching for some of my favorite horror icons, but within minutes, seconds even, the lovely heroine Emily, played by the wicked f*cking (yeah bub) talented Danielle Guldin, had me completely under her dark, vengeful spell and I immersed myself fully into her life. Now as much as I wish I could claim to be as sexy and badass as this fierce-honey, I am not. I myself am much more of a Jackson admittedly.

Now this movie was going to receive a top shelf spot in my exclusive collection, however it did not make it that far. Before I was even able to afford to pick up my special ordered copy at the local Bullmoose Music, something divine happened. I was ridiculously lucky enough to meet the director of this bloody showdown at a convention in Massachusetts, Tom Denucci, where I was gifted with my very own autographed copy of this masterpiece. Maybe it was because he was feeling generous, maybe it was excitement of meeting the biggest fan of your latest work. Whatever it was, my copy now hangs proudly on the wall as a constant reminder of one of the best movies I have seen, as well as one of the coolest people I have ever had the fortune of meeting.

Rock and Shock, 2015
Rock and Shock, 2015

From nerdy horror fans everywhere, don’t ever change!

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