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Choni Francis

Tonight marks the last game Kobe Bryant will ever play as a Laker. So to commemorate this tragic day, here are 11 GIFs of the Black Mamba not trying to be funny, yet somehow succeeding.

One, Two, Three, Four, Fifth.

Ball? What ball? Didn't see it. Kobe was too busy admiring the awesome ink.

Kobe didn't like the socks Dwight gave him.

Kobe wonders if he left the hair dryer on at home.

Kobe finds Chris Rock hilarious. Chris Rock finds Kobe dreamy.

Kobe appreciates a well-executed fade.

Kobe shows LeBron how to scratch one's butt on the sly.

Even Kobe remembers his good ol' days.

Kobe dishes the stink eye.

Kobe just strutting.

The End


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