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Taylor James Johnson

Robert Downey Jr is Kinda Crazy

by Taylor James Johnson

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He has a dark past and we hope he never goes back

Robert Downey Jr is kinda crazy, but you know that

He claims he was born to play Iron Man, it was his destiny

He used to take drugs, now his food has the healthiest recipe

Now he is addicted to yoga and oatmeal

Marvel pays him $50 million a movie, that’s a pretty dope deal

he used to be a drug fueled felon

now he’s just a fun dude who dances on Ellen

He got so into character for Less Than Zero that it became his real life

and now he is sober and who produces movies with his wife

He buried his Less Than Zero clothes as a symbol of moving forward in his career

and was fired from SNL after only one year

So Downey did a lot of drugs, what more can be said?

He got drunk, broke into a neighbor’s house and feel asleep on their bed

He wears many sunglasses to make him look cool

His favorite actor is Peter O’Toole

Three times Iron Man has won the People’s Choice

and Robert has a great singing voice

in 1997 he spend 4 months behind bars

and here are some of his really fine cars

In 1999 he did a year in prison for drug possession

it took a few times for Downey Jr to learn his lesson.

His behavior got him written off Alley McBeal

His cure for a hangover was a tuna melt meal

Tropic Thunder was controversial for black people and crackers

Robert Downey Jr has two goats and some alpacas

Nowadays Robert takes better care of his liver

He is a real Oscar nominated actor who got nominated for playing a fictional Oscar winner

for this Elton John video, he was allowed to leave rehab for one day

Robert Downey jr studied classical ballet

he worked at a night club as a piece of living art

and got his GED in prison, because he is smart

Robert Downey Jr’s real friends call him Bob.

He does lots of charity work. Good job!

he practices Wing Chun, to get in the zone

and by coincidence lived in Charlie Chaplin’s old home

then he eventually starred in his biopic and got his career back on track

he was now longer just a member of the Brat Pack

he took home all the Chaplin costumes from the film set

2009 was his sexiest year yet...

He had to take daily drug tests on the set of “Two Girls and a Guy”

and ran around in his underwear, to protest something. I’m not sure why

He asked us to forgive Mel Gibson, they are really good friends, yo!

once Downey drove naked down Sunset Strip throwing imaginary rats out the window

started using drugs when he was a child, that put all of this into motion

until he had an epiphany and threw all his drugs into the ocean

he is now a straight laced family man

but he is still banned from Japan.

when it comes to Hollywood he is now the boss dude

he has come along way since the incident with the Wonder Woman costume

nowadays Robert is a real life superhero

No matter what he will never be Less Than Zero

I was gonna end it here with a funny remark

but instead I’ll just remind you that he pretty much is Tony Stark.

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