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So it's finally taken the plunge! The solo Batman script is written and it will star and be directed by none other than the Batfleck himself, Ben Affleck. Say what you will but I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal thus far as the gaped crusader. What people forget is that Ben is a huge comic book fan. Yes, Daredevil flopped but if you read up on it, it wasn't really his fault. Doesn't change the fact but now, we have a suitable Batman in a universe that will hopefully connect everyone else so we can finally get a nice JL going. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel all kinds of giddy.

Now, of course, the talk floating around is probably "What is the story arc gonna be?" "Is it him & Leto's Joker?" "Will a Robin be in it?" "Does it take place before or after BvS?" & yes, all of these are great questions but the one I wanna know is "Who are the villains gonna be?"

There's no denying that Batman has a slew of bad guys he can pull out files for and create either an amazing or a half decent movie for but a lot of them have been done. We've seen Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, like 3 different Catwomen, and of course the countless, but will never get old, Joker portrayals. Nothing wrong with any of these but there is so much potential in the Batverse that they can still stick with the heavy hitters and bring out any one of the baddies he's dealt with at the same time. Yes, I would love to see another Scarecrow or a Bane, shit I would love a sadistic Riddler like how they portrayed him in the Arkham series but there's still so much out there to mess around with.

Here is a list of at least 5(in order, counting down) big bads that I think deserve a shot:

5. Man-Bat

Another plain as day character I’m surprised hasn’t gotten much play. He was in the first episode of the animated series(or at least in the first one I watched). The most recent game Arkham Knight gave him a decent side mission story but that’s still down playing this character's potential. The Batman versus the Man-Bat. How does no one see that potential?

4. ClayFace

To me, this is DC’s Sandman. He pretty much does the exact same thing with a little extra. His ability to manipulate any object and even person leaves so much open space to create. Imagine any number of possibilities with a villain who can imitate literally anything. His role in one of the Arkham games was huge but it wasn’t enough for him.(I won’t get into what it was for those who may not know.). I’d love a live action ClayFace fight scene. I’m just saying.

3. Calendar Man

I first heard about this character in the Arkham games and I feel like he is a bit underplayed. His idea is very simple yet carries a lot of potential.

The Batman Wiki identifies him with “...His crimes always have a relationship to the date that they are committed. The theme may be related to what day of the week it is or to a holiday or to a special anniversary on that date; he will plan his crime around that day…” thinking about that and the amount of actual events you could mess around with, I’m really shocked this character isn’t as mainstream.

The Arkham City game gave him a small role that allows you to unlock a trophy if you go see him on 12 major holidays. So it was either you play the game year round or you go through an annoying process that someone online figured out in order to get it done quicker. And that’s it, your story with Calendar Man is done. Truthfully, I see way more potential.

2. Mad Hatter

This character has gotten a lot of play in a number of universes. The animated series, the Arkham games, and even a nice string within the comics realm. But he’s never had a live action representation. This guy is pretty much Scarecrow on LSD. How has this not been made a thing yet? They played this guy off so well in the games and he was continuously a pain in the animated series so why not bring him to life for the big screen? If Nolan was able to make Scarecrow a realistic character, I’m sure someone can pull off a good Mad Hatter.

1. Hush

This is a big one for me. Hush is such a sick character. His dark and twisted storyline would make for a great movie arc. He is the polar opposite of Bruce Wayne in every way and he envies him because of how Bruce’s life turned out. His real name is Tommy Elliot and he was Bruce’s friend as kids. He hated how different their fathers were and he wanted a better life for himself.

“...Tommy crafted a scheme to obtain his own fortune. He severed the brake lines to his parents' car, sending the vehicle careening off the side of the road. Tommy’s father was instantly killed, but his mother managed to survive, thanks to emergency surgery by Bruce's father…”

Not only does this make him a formidable Batman villain, but it connects him more to Bruce Wayne than any other character in my eyes. This hatred for him could fuel an epic battle that I hope we get to witness one day. Granted, Hush may not look like much and yes, he has gotten a nice little mention as well as a small side mission in the games but why not more?

If you’re curious about what his abilities are, well, “...Thomas Elliot is a neurologist possessing a genius level intellect, as well as a master of disguise. Although he specializes in brain surgery, Hush is also a proficient plastic surgeon, having repaired the extensive scar tissue on the reformed villain known as Two-Face. Elliot is also a master strategist and manipulator, responsible for setting in motion a grandiose series of events aimed at confounding the Batman. It also appears that Hush is an expert marksman. During his first physical encounter with Batman, he easily defends himself by shooting away Batarangs as they come sailing towards him. Hush often utilizes these skills in his determined quest to destroy Bruce Wayne…’’

Need I say more?

Honorable Mentions:

Great White Shark: I really wanted to add this guy to the list but his look has changed so much. He’s ranged from being as monstrous as Killer Croc to as simple and more gangster like. He often resembles Black Mask just with a fish face. He’s too all over the place and I felt this list deserved solid characters.

Dollmaker / Bronze Tiger / Firefly: All of these characters are great in their own respect but they already have portrayals in the Arrow universe. I think the Dollmaker is relatively simple but not complex enough for a movie and Bronze Tiger is pretty much the same. Firefly is simple but his Arrow counterpart, to me, is shameful. Firefly is meant to be this flamethrowing maniac and all they made him in the show was like a deranged pyrotechnic. Granted, his origin story was pretty good, it’s not the same Firefly.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have anyone else in mind? As always, I love feedback.


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