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Throughout the years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a slew of films that have had some great character development. However, there is one problem. And that is being the villains. Though a majority of them were played by some of the best actors to date, there are just a few mislead villains in this film franchise that were just a bit of a let down even if their respective movies were incredible.

Now my favorite villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and this is just me) are in no specific order, ranked from Loki, Thanos, Ultron, Red Skull, Obadiah Stane, Yellowjacket and Alexander Pierce. These are some of the nastiest villains you will ever meet in a Marvel movie. But the others either didn't have enough potential for their villainous role.

For example, Abomination from Incredible Hulk was supposed to be the brutal villain who went up against Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Instead, what we got was Blonsky in his human form through a good majority of the film. And General Ross was supposed to be a villain intent on hunting Banner down. Ironically, while this is true for the first 3/4's of the movie, he turned into an ally toward the end, which didn't make him that much of a villain.

Another good example is the combined element of Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2. One was a Russian scientist bent on taking his vengeance against Tony Stark because of something his father did (according to him). Hammer was a business rival of Tony Stark who ran the Hammer Industries weapons manufacturing company. While these two villains had their own motives on getting even with Tony, I kinda saw this villain mixture as a repeat of 1997's Batman and Robin since the villains in that film were Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Similarity is that both sets of villains have nothing in common but are out to take over a city/get even with a billionaire hero.

Now on the flip side of the MCU villain formula, the good side, there were a slew of great enemies in each individual MCU film.

One of my favorites here was Alexander Pierce played by Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Even before the film was ever released, there were theories that he was a supporting hero. But once the film was released, intentionally, that was true for like a few minutes into the movie right when we got to the World Security Council scene in the movie. But as the film went on, Pierce was revealed to be the man behind the brainwashed Bucky/Winter Soldier. And it was also revealed that he was in league with HYDRA instead of SHIELD. The element used here was the hidden villain element. And that is an interesting move to take on a certain character like Pierce. Other villains that used this method in other movies include President Alma Coin (Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2) and Sentinel Prime (Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

Another favorite is Ultron. Played brilliantly by James Spader, Ultron was just as menacing and had a charm of humor as well. Aside from what some people think of Ultron, he is an overall bad ass villain because his motives were almost as sinister as Loki's in the original Avengers. Another great thing is that he has some backup going right behind him. His Ultron sentries are his cronies and they are also tied to Ultron because he is within the Internet that is until Vision draws him out to have him stay in his current body during the battle of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But now we are about to enter Marvel Phase 3 which will showcase a bunch of new heroes and villains. For example, in just two short weeks, we will get Captain America: Civil War which is Captain America and Iron Man going against each other. But what the heroes may not know is that there is a side force at work being Helmut Zemo (played by Daniel Bruhl). Now here, we will not see Zemo in his signature mask like in the comics (yet hopefully). Instead he will be first shown as a regular guy who is evil but not as crazy as his comic book counterpart. Now this is in a sense a political thriller just like Winter Soldier was back in 2014. My guess is that Zemo will be sort of behind the scenes as the heroes are at the front line going against each other.

Also, we are going to get Doctor Strange in November later this year. Though it is unclear on who the villain will truly be, we do know that he will be played by Mads Mikkelsen who was the famous Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale back in 2006. There is also talk that Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo will be the villain. And if they do it right, I sure hope Ejiofor's Mordo will turn on Strange and the Ancient One like some of the characters did in Winter Soldier. So to speak, have him be the hidden villain while Mikkelsen's character is.

So what do you think of the villains for the MCU? Leave your thoughts down below on what you guys think about past and future films.


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