ByAlex Skorkin, writer at

If you thought that new Marvel's movie trailer feels too much like "Inception", then you might enjoy this version of that trailer. Because now IT IS "Inception. An Unexpected Sequel".

I'd like to add that original trailer for "Doctor Strange" didn't work for me at all. Whithout Marvel logo it looks quite generic. I probably could be interested in this film if I haven't seen these movies: "The Matrix", "Batman: Begins", "Inception", "Interstellar". That's a lot of Nolan in here.

So I decided not only to add a different story in this trailer, but also to improve it in general. Famous Zack Hemsey's music track, some "Inception" shots and characters are mixed with what there already was.

What do you think of this mash-up trailer? Are you excited for "Doctor Strange"? Leave in the comments below!


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