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The Jungle Book is one of the most beloved animated films in the Walt Disney vault, so it's no surprise why the decision was made to reboot the classic. The live-action adaptation is coming to theaters in just a couple of days, with director Jon Favreau helming what has been heralded one of the most complicated visual effects jobs ever attempted. We wanted to get you ready for the film's release with not only some clips from the new movie, but also some hilarious videos about the original. It's the ultimate The Jungle Book primer. So get comfy and get ready to smile!

Honest Trailers - The Jungle Book

The live-action adaptation will surely be crafted with attentive care as Disney wants to not only create a huge hit, but also to play on our childhood memories of the original cartoon. But was it really that good? The comedic Rainmen at Screen Junkies deliver another gut-busting (...or is it gut-punching?) edition of Honest Trailers for The Jungle Book. As always, be forewarned that you may never look at the movie the same way again after watching this...

"Intro to Shere Khan" Clip From 'The Jungle Book'

While Shere Khan is certainly menacing in the original version, it certainly lacks the gravitas of a true tiger. In Jon Favreau's upcoming adaptation he has enlisted the voice talents of Idris Elba to bring the ferocious carnivore to life. In this clip, we get an intro to the modern incarnation of the beast and it looks like a chilling performance.

How 'The Jungle Book' Should Have Ended

Even before the movie's release, most will agree that this will be the most realistic-looking adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic novel ever. However, if it's truly a realistic take on the tale, it can only end one way. The guys over at HISHE have stolen Disney's thunder and created the definitive ending to The Jungle Book before the movie's release. Enjoy!

"Baloo" Clip From 'The Jungle Book'

The upcoming adaptation of The Jungle Book is potentially as exciting as any comic book movie coming theaters. There are a lot of reasons to get excited beyond the music, revolutionary visual effects, and iconic characters. There is also the voice of Bill Murray as Baloo and that is really all you need! Check out this clip from the movie that will give you a brief glimpse at the performance and friendship between Baloo and Mowgli (Neel Seethi).

Everything Wrong With 'The Jungle Book'

Did you think that we were done taking shots at one of the best Disney movies ever? Nope, we couldn't fully satirize The Jungle Book without the help of Cinema Sins who break down Everything Wrong With 'The Jungle Book.'

How excited are you for The Jungle Book? Let us know below!

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