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We're six episodes back into season 3, and with only six more left we're faced with a few questions and things that need resolving. The team now knows that Ward is alive and is the It, what Simmons faced on the planet she was marooned on with Will. They also have figured out that he can not only take life from people but can also reanimate dead flesh.

We know that Ward is there to lead an army of inhumans, but we're unsure as to what he wants to do. And in traditional Ward/Hydra god fashion, he had no trouble asserting himself as the highest power in Hydra.

Onto the main idea...

Last episode we met an inhuman named Charles who could see the future, but with a grim twist on it. Whenever he touched someone, that person and himself would see a death that comes in the future. And no matter what he did, he could never stop it. He showed Daisy his own death, during which he sacrificed himself to save her. And before he died, he showed her the future again.

This future is of someone in a shield craft up in space, and the plane explodes. And we don't know who it is, which makes it worse.

So who's the one on the plane?

There are a few possibilities, but before I discuss the most likely I would like to dissect the flash from the future that we have now seen three times.

From this picture we can draw out two things. First: it's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. There are too many of them to guess exactly who it is, but that leads to the second emphasis in this picture. This is definitely a woman. We don't see hair or skin, but to the left of the emblem we can see part of a woman's chest. It could be argued that it's a man like Mac who works out a lot, but I don't buy it. So that leaves a few guesses, including May or Daisy or Jemma. But that is not my guess.

There is one more thing in this picture that deserves to be notice. Take a look a few seconds earlier in the scene down below.

The cross necklace hanging in space is one we have seen before on the show, in the first episode after the midseason break. The chain's not broken or unclasped, which means it must have fallen off of whoever was wearing it. And the person who was is most likely the person who dies. So who is the one on the plane? My guess is...


Elena, our heartbeat speedster we met in the episode Bouncing Back. Not only did she wear the necklace, but she was recruited to join S.H.I.E.L.D. She was given a way to contact the group if they needed her help or if she needed theirs. And at the end of this week's episode where nearly everyone has been kidnapped by Mr. Giyera, Daisy and Lincoln were ready to call on the Secret Warriors, which she has been added to along with our metal melter Joey.

We'll be seeing more of her in the future, that's for sure. But the question is, will she stick around long enough to keep her heart beating?


So who do you think is on the exploding plane?

Elena fits the bill as a female agent who is the original owner of the necklace. The only way she wouldn't be the one on the plane is if she gave the necklace to someone else, which seems unlikely since she was so connected to it in her episode.


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