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With The Walking Dead wrapped up for another season, there are plenty of ways to get your weekly zombie fix. You could try amazing TV shows like Z-Nation, or read gruesome tales such as Feed by Mira Grant. However, nothing is quite as satisfying as the immersion of a good horror game. Here are my must-play, all time favorite zombie games for you to sink your teeth into.

5. 'State of Decay' - Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

State of Decay is not just about zombie killing. The game focuses on building a strong community, gathering supplies, and trying to lead a group of survivors to safety. It is the "survival simulation" style that will have you hooked for hours. No matter how many resources you have there is always more stuff to collect, more improvements to build and more survivors to save.

Another unique aspect of State of Decay is the lack of a real protagonist. As you work through the game you encounter a wide range of people. These survivors can be controlled once you have built enough trust with them, allowing you to build up different skills with different people. Be careful though — if a survivor is killed while out scavenging then they are removed from the game forever, no matter how quickly you try and turn your Xbox off in the hopes of tricking the game.

4. 'Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare' - PS3, Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best western games ever made. The release of the Undead Nightmare expansion only made it better by changing the landscape of the main game to a more HORRORble setting. Who wouldn't like the opportunity to slay the undead while looking suave in cowboy garb?

This unique concept places the beginning of a zombie apocalypse in the wild wild west. The devastatingly sexy John Marston is tasked with stopping the viral outbreak before the world succumbs to zombies. Never before would I have put zombies and westerns together, but I am glad someone did! While it is hard to beat the original game, this DLC is a light-hearted, funny, and exciting adventure.

To top it all off — mythical creatures, zombie animals, and even zombie prostitutes make an appearance.

3. Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' - PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

A masterpiece in storytelling, The Walking Dead takes place in the same world as the popular TV show and comic series. The story of Lee and Clementine is an immersive adventure. Like an interactive film, you decide what sort of man Lee will be through the decisions you make.

While the typical zombie game format of slashing and scavenging is missing, the immersive storytelling makes up for it. The characters you encounter along the way become friends (or foes) and you begin to invest emotionally in their survival.

The Walking Dead hits you right in the feels. By the end you are guaranteed to be crying uglier than Kim Kardashian as you face the realities of what a zombie infested world would actually be like.

2. 'Dead Island: Riptide' - PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Step aside Dead Island. Riptide is the much improved sequel in the Dead Island series (controversial comment right there). With improved weapon duration, a more beautiful landscape, and easier menu navigation, this standalone expansion is well worth playing.

With the ability to play the entire campaign with up to three of your friends, never has killing zombies been more fun. Having your mates by your side makes the game more interactive and immersive. You can customize your skills, mod your weapons, and choose one of four protagonists depending on your playing style. Decapitating zombies is common, with heads flying about the island left and right. You can even rip apart zombies into hundreds of pieces using the engine of your boat. The playable areas are massive, with unique weapons and enough collectibles to keep even a collectibles whore like myself happy.

While the reviews for Dead Island: Riptide weren't the best, I loved this game. I played the entire thing with my flatmate over a few bottles of wine and we had the best Saturday night ever. Having her beside me on her console upped the ante as we yelled at each other, screamed together, and died a lot while the other was too busy scavenging boxes to notice.

1. 'Dying Light' - PS4, Xbox One, PC

Dying Light is hands down my favorite game of 2015. It still baffles me that people voted for "The Glitcher 3" in GOTY awards over this masterpiece.

Dying Light sucks you in immediately. The story is fantastic. Weapons start out clunky and weak, but as you progress you can customize weapons with a wide range of kick-ass mods. Skills also improve as you use them. If you jump a lot off rooftops then your agility skills get better — a more realistic take on the upskilling process.

Dying Light also creates new types of zombies, and the nighttime zombies (Volatiles) are the scariest mother f**kers I have ever encountered. Never have I been so scared of a game in my life. Never has my heart pounded so much as I ran back to a safe house. Never before have I heard a grown man scream as he encountered his first Volatile. It took me nearly half the game to be brave enough to do night time missions alone.

The best part of Dying Light for me though is the co-op. I have six friends who also play it, so there is always someone to accidentally set on fire with Molotovs, and always someone to revive me when I fall (I can't even begin to count how many times I fall off things in this game). With the Dying Light: The Following expansion out now, I can't wait to jump back into this 10/10 game.

Do you agree with my choices? Is there a must-play zombie game that you think should've made the grade? Let me know, so long as it’s not 'The Last of Us'. I hated that game.


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