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Romeo and Juliet.

Antony and Cleopatra.

John and Jackie.

Lucy and Ricky.

All great couples of history! On that list, of course, we HAVE to include Superman and Lois Lane, right?

But what about all the times Supes wasn't married to, dating, or just plain infatuated with Lois? You'd be surprised at how many!

Lana Lang

Let's be honest, we have to start this kind of list with Lana. She was his high school sweetheart, and the first person, outside of his parents, to learn of his powers.

Saturn Girl

A founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, teenage Clark had a crush on her.

Lori Lemaris

Ariel? Ariel!
Ariel? Ariel!

Clark and Lori met and fell in love while attending Metropolis University, where Lori (secretly a telepathic mermaid from Atlantis) was a student, and hid her identity by getting around in a wheelchair and hiding her, tail, with a blanket.

Lyla Lerrol

While (accidentally, of course) time-travelling one day, Superman goes back to Krypton, getting stranded there right before it's destroyed. In all the hooplah of the planet being destroyed, the two meet, Superman saves Lyla's life, and they fall in love. The famous Kryptonian actress and Supes are not meant to be, however. Just as he's prepared to married her, he gets trapped on a rocket with a Kryptonian Flame Beast, and the beast's fiery breath propels them from Krypton as it explodes. Typical!


This was a pretty one-sided almost-relationship, with Maxima coming to Earth from the planet Almerac, looking for a good mate. She claimed she could bear Superman's child, unlike those pesky Earth women. Superman said no, and no means no!

Chloe Sullivan

This is one that I was rooting for the entire run of Smallville, even knowing all along that Clark was meant to end up with Lois. Pesky destiny!

Wonder Woman

Her eyes tho...hahaha
Her eyes tho...hahaha

WW is possibly the 3rd most well-known relationship Superman has been in, behind Lois and Lana.


What do you think, will we see a little competition for the attention of Wonder Woman/Diane Prince in the next Batman/Superman onscreen meet-up?


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