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As you all know, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)'s release date is right around the corner (May 6th), and to make sure you're prepared for the epic movie, here's five things to do in order to ensure that you are prepared!

1. Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Of course, you need to watch the first part of the Captain America series! In Winter Soldier, Bucky is introduced, which is the center of controversy that ultimately leads to the division between Cap and Iron Man.

2. Watch The Avengers.

I mean, what's a better way to prepare for Civil War than by watching how the team got together in the first place? The Avengers is the film that brought these different individuals to work as a team, but is also one of the causes for the Civil War. If you are not aware, Civil War deals with our heroes being put in the dilemma of being placed under a registration system.

3. Watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It is the same deal with the first Avengers movie; once again, we see our team back together to take down another threat. As a result, there is further destruction caused by the team in an effort to bring peace to the world. In this case however, Ultron (a creation by Stark himself) is what nearly brings an end to the world. Of course, this gives the government more reason to create the superhero registration act.

4. Read the Civil War comic-books.

The Civil War comic-book story-line is perhaps one of the more famous ones out there in the comic world. Although, the film will be wildly different in many aspects the core story is still there. The story pits both Tony and Steve in a battle of morals and ethics, while further dividing the Avengers. Ultimately, we are then set up with our teams where you have Team Cap (who is against the registration act) and Team Iron Man (who is for the registration act).

5. And lastly, bring a box of tissues!

Captain America Civil War deals with our heroes battling each other over who is right and the results won't be good at all. The movie is bound to be a tear-jerker -- no matter what side you are on, so be prepared!


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