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This is too much! Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts aka Westley reunited and we are prepared to die...

Is this real life? Seriously guys, my emotions are all over the place with this, and I can't deal! Almost 30 years after the release of Princess Bride (one of the best movies EVER made), two of the film's most beloved cast members had a mini reunion in Spain. Cary Elwes, who played the dashing Westley, and Mandy Patinkin, who played the kind but daring Inigo Montoya, had lunch together, and then snapped a photo on Facebook together to commemorate, collectively breaking the internet.

Cary and Mandy played two mortal enemies who eventually become friends after a taunting and hilarious sword fight in which Inigo seeks to kill Roberts, aka Westley, as he believes the pirate is responsible for his father's death. It's one of the most memorable and quoted scenes of all time, and a personal favorite of mine! Need a refresher?

Definitely the most polite fight I've ever seen right? LOL!

Now, want to see what they look like now? It's really inconceivable, and bless Cary Elwes for posting this on his Facebook and making our lives complete!

"Wesley & Inigo reunited after 30 years! "

Seriously, how good do they look?! I feel like Buttercup when she realizes the Pirate Roberts is Westley, loses her mind, and throws herself down a hill after him. I am consumed with feels! If only Fezzik and Vizzini were there too, but sadly, Andre the Giant who played Fizzik passed away in 1993. His legacy, however, will live on through The Princess Bride forever!

The Princesss Bride is one of those movies I hope they NEVER remake! It's too perfect the way that it is, and would be impossible to replicate appropriately. This is the type of movie that easily transcends time and generations. Any attempt on a new and unique take on the script would fall flat, because so much of the humor of the film came from the chemistry of the actors and ad-libbing. In short, NO TOUCHING Hollywood!

Next year will be the film's 30th anniversary, so who knows, maybe the whole remaining cast will reunite and celebrate. It would be my dream come true! Could you kindly oblige, farm boy?


Would you want a 'Princess Bride' remake?


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