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Brandon Routh became a household name after being Superman in 2006's Superman Returns. Although the movie failed to impress, Brandon did manage to impress as Clark Kent and as Superman.

But after that, Brandon kind of disappeared. But now he's back. He first appeared on Arrow in the Season 3 premiere as the charming scientist and businessman, Ray Palmer. And during the later half of the season we saw him put on a suit and become The Atom. He impressed as The Atom as well which also landed him a role of the third show of the Flarrowverse, a superhero team-up show about time-travel, "Legends of Tomorrow".

Last week, The CW released the promo for tonight's episode of Legend's of Tomorrow. In the promo, we see the team travel to the "Old West" back in the 19th Century. In the promo, there's a scene, where we see Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) say "John Wayne" on being asked who he was.

Brandon had previously played Clark Kent in Superman Returns. But this time, even though it's not Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman..Duh!), we see him take the last name of Bruce, maybe indicating that they have had meetings between Palmer Tech and Wayne Enterprises. I know it's a bit far-fetched. But he's definitely the first person to be a Kent and also a Wayne on screen. Well, that's a huge achievement, Brandon. Kudos!

Check out the promo for tonight's episode:

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