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started with two young teenagers at school about around 2005 to 2008.My name is kirsten his name is Chris. 'confused yet ,don't worry you will catch up. so here it goes about year 2003,i was in high school i didn't like it at all. See theirs this school called the jones center for kids that need help with work status and to learn their work talents like 'cooking' 'cleaning' /dishes' ' decorating' and keeping in your own space bubble.

I was about 17 or 18, i walked into my new class their was only two boys and well,one girl'- me . ya sounds lame right, till the teacher started talking or wait ' before i looked to see the people .. two people in the classroom i thought "ya two boys and one girl this isn't weird at all,. i looked over to the rear left and their was this guy and i kinda did that girl look like i like you 'and i can't say it' he smiled back.

It was the most exciting part of my day,until well he was only 15 so i was 17.."eh i remember asking his friend if he can ask him if i can have his number. " so wait a go me. after that day of class their was another day he was their but we were in a different class it was"weird.

too be continued ..


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