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It's no surprise why Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films for 2016 with the nearly perfect trailers and the buzz from Jared's Joker. We all know about the behind the scenes stories most actors have shared about Leto on set. They all tell stories of the weird gifts he sent them which included dead hogs, bullets, and even used condoms. It didn't stop there because the actor was never really on set because the whole time he was Mr. J and nothing less. It turns out that Leto doing this helped out one of his co-stars to enhance their performance as well.

Of course I am talking about Margot Robbie, who we all know is playing the psychotic Harley Quinn. In the animated show where we first met Harley, we know just how much she loved the Joker-a relationship we're hoping to see unfold on the big screen. Suicide Squad will be the first on-screen depiction of the couple, so how did Margot and Hared prepare for this crazy chemistry? According to Margot Robbie it all translated perfectly on the big screen. The actress discussed with Cinemablend at CinemaCon about the process of getting into her character.

It’s weird, we didn’t actually spend that much time together. His process is so different than mine that the moments when we really connected on set were when we were filming and both being our characters. Working against someone who commits that much to their character makes my life so much easier. It really makes you forget where you are and be in the moment. It was so amazing getting to see him work first-hand.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone on how Jared Leto has his process for acting by getting really into the character. It was interesting, however, to hear how Margot talks about how Harley's and The Joker's connection in those scenes together. I believe we might have something special going on here once we get to see the film. We all know that Joker and Harley, although they might have a pretty messed up relationship, continue to be bound together by a magnetic force. Whether that bind is love or just obsession for one another is up for debate. That said, comic fans around the world have been waiting to see this relationship play out on the silver screen.

If what Margot Robbie said is right, then I believe Suicide Squad might have just gotten that relationship right. It will be interesting to see just how much time the Joker and Harley actually spend together. In the trailers, it seems it will only be during flashbacks and that Harley will be with the Squad for the majority of the film. We will just have to wait and see how this relationship pans out on the big screen once Suicide Squad dives into theaters later this summer.

Suicide Squad Opens In Theaters August 5, 2016


Do you think Margot Robbie and Jared Leto will do this power couple justice?


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