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Here's everything you need to know about what we can expect in the upcoming season of Teen Wolf (updating with new info as it comes).

This season will consist of 20 episodes split into 2 parts, 6A and 6B, and the final episode of season 6 will be the show's 100th episode. There will a 3 month time jump between season 5 and 6. Season 6 will take place in the second semester of senior year.

Season 6 is gonna be more like a ghost story, and possibly one of the scariest seasons of Teen Wolf. It's gonna be a lot like season 3B, which was by far the best season of Teen Wolf so far. This season will introduce a lot more big bads.

We're big fans of genre in the writer's room. With Season 5b we said, "This is going to be a monster movie." With Season 6 we have a very clear idea that it's going to be a ghost story. - Jeff Davis

So far we know the main cast of Teen Wolf has been confirmed, but sadly Arden Cho who plays Kira Yukimura will not be returning for this season. Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Shelley Hennig, Holland Roden, Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Victoria Moroles, Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston and JR Bourne have all been confirmed for season 6.

Cody Christian may not return for season 6, but one thing is for sure, he's character Theo Raeken is not dead.

I will say that we really like Cody Christian. We wanted to make sure we didn’t kill him, so we could possibly bring him back. - Jeff Davis

It's gonna be an exciting season for Tyler Posey cause he will be directing an episode for the first time, he will also be producing one again. So we can expect to see some really good Teen Wolf.

Season 6 really goes back to the theme of friendship, the very root of the show, like in season 1 and 2. Friendship has always been a key element on the show.

One of the things that we're really trying to do with Season 6 is show the strength of friendships and test that again. We're taking it back to the story of Scott and Stiles' friendship and how meaningful that is. - Jeff Davis

The first part of season 6 is very much about Stiles and Scott's friendship. Emotional tethers are going to be very important this season.

Jeff Davis also wants to go back to the fun and humorous parts of Teen Wolf while rebuilding the pack to what it used to be, after almost tearing apart the pack for good in season 5.

After the ending of 510, where we saw everyone at their lowest, we wanted to slowly bring everyone back up again, rebuild the pack. That way, we could also get back to fun high school stuff, like seeing Coach again and getting Stiles back to humor. - Jeff Davis

There will be another returning character or maybe two this season. We will be seeing someone from seasons 1,2,3 and 4 return, but don't get your hopes up, it's not Derek Hale.

With the original members of the pack nearing the end of senior year and possibly leaving Beacon Hills after graduation, we'll be seeing the different path each member will take. This season will put more focus on the younger members of the pack, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), Hayden (Victoria Morales), Mason (Khylin Rhambo) and Corey (Michael Johnston) and how they start to take charge of things.

As for certain characters not being in certain episodes, some episodes, we just focus on different characters. It’s about where the show and the characters are all headed as we start to hand things off to our 2.0 characters. We’ll see the older ones graduate and go off and have other lives. Jeff Davis

Pete Ploszek will have a major recurring role on Teen Wolf in season 6 as Mr Garrett Douglas, a handsome new teacher at Beacon Hills High School, the kind everyone has a crush on. Given the BHHS record of hiring shady teachers, it's best not to trust this one until we know for sure he's not another evil supernatural being straight outta the Argent's beastiary. Unless we want a repeat of the whole Jennifer Blake situation.

Ross Butler who is known for his roles in Hackers Game, KC Undercover, Perfect High and Chasing Life will also be joining the Teen Wolf cast in Season 6. He will be playing Nathan, a new member of the BHHS lacrosse team who doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Being that it's Beacon Hills, it wont be long before Nathan's beliefs are turned upside down.

According to Jeff Davis the mythology that has been created for this season reinvents the show in a way that viewers will love.

There will be another threat that is worrisome. That has to do with the different mythology that we're exploring for Season 6, which is a pretty big one for us and technically very difficult for us. - Jeff Davis

According to Teen Wolf writer Will Wallace "The villains this season are going to be a lot of fun." The Nazi Werewolf we see crawling out of the Dread Doctors lab at the end of season 5 will be the main villain on the show this season.

So far in the villain department we've had an evil Alpha aka Peter Hale, a psychotic hunter, a Kanima, an Alpha pack, A Nogitsune, professional assassins, Dread Doctors, Chimeras and a Beast. Lets see how Jeff Davis is gonna top that.

A main focal point this season is one that many fans have been eagerly awaiting. Stiles and Lydia! We can expect a lot of Stydia in season 6, something big is gonna happen between them, something that will change a lot between them. We will be diving into the feelings these two have for each other this season.

They’re not only lingering feelings, they become a focus, a focal point of the next season. Something big happens in the very first episode of Season 6 between Stiles and Lydia, which you’ll have to tune in to see. - Jeff Davis

The relationship between Stiles, Malia and Lydia is going to become a huge focus point in this season and will be heavily dealt with. So Stiles is gonna be an integral part of season 6. Like Holland Roden said, if you're a Stydia fan, you will definitely like season 6. Holland sure does, she's already said it's her favorite.

As for Scott McCall, he's gonna be exploring a new aspect in the relationship department. For the first time since season 1, Scott McCall is going to be SINGLE!

“When we realized that the show wasn’t going to have Kira Yukimura this season, we wanted to ask ourselves, ‘Does Scott always need to have romance in his life to be a compelling character?’ We thought this might be a season where we don’t see that side and we see him struggling a little bit. This season sees Scott as a single guy just trying to graduate and be there for his friends while facing yet another supernatural crisis.” - Jeff Davis

Tyler Posey seems to be very happy with the news of Scott being single, since that is something he can now relate to.

“It was something I’ve always been interested in because from the very first episode of Teen Wolf, he falls in love with Allison and then they break up and he immediately meets Kira so there wasn’t really much single time for Scott. In my experience, in Tyler Posey’s world, it’s kind of always been that way too. This is the first two years I’m really single, so I relate to it with Scott. And I thought it was something that every person has to go through in their life, grow on their own and really figure out who they are. That’s kind of what’s going on with Scott.” - Tyler Posey

Watch out boys of Beacon Hills, there's an extremely attractive alpha on the market again.

It's going to be a big season for both Scott and Lydia in terms of change. Both characters have come a long way from who they used to be at the start of the show. In season 5 we saw just how strong Lydia Martin is, and how even Scott McCall, a True Alpha can be broken at times.

Malia is going to have a lot more confidence and strength, and we're going to see an example of her power in the very first episode of season 6.

As for Deputy Parrish, he played a vital role in season 5, where we learned of his origins and how he came to be a hell hound. We will be exploring his character's strengths and weaknesses this season.

He is back in the world of being a deputy, and he’ll have to come to terms with what it means to be both supernatural and human. He’s definitely got some learning to do. His job wasn’t necessarily to kill the Beast, but to slow the Beast down enough. Was he the hero he was supposed to be in this last episode? He’ll be dealing with that in Season 6. - Jeff Davis

Khylin's Rambo's character Mason evolved a lot in season 5. He started out as just the human, best friend and sidekick, but he became a part of the world of the supernatural in season 5 when Mason was revealed to be the beast.

One of the things we like most about his character is that he’s utterly optimistic. He’s got this unflagging enthusiasm, so I don’t know how much we’re going to darken his character. He’s sort of a beacon of light for the other characters, and now that he’s human again, we’re most excited to see him being funny. - Jeff Davis

Mason's relationship with Corey will be quite an important factor in his storyline.

Hayden's character arc for this season will mainly revolve around her being a werewolf now. The fact that Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia could be leaving Beacon Hills for college soon is going to become a very important aspect for both Liam and Hayden's story line for season 6. You can expect to see a lot of Layden.

Very importantly, this season one of the biggest questions on the show will finally be answered. What is Stiles Stilinski's real name?

This season will make you cry, it will make you smile and you will be surprised, and once again you will lose your mind thanks to Teen Wolf. That is a confirmed guarantee!


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