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The iconic monster that's been around since the '50s has had a number of different roles throughout history: city smasher, proud parent, and most recently in the last Godzilla (2014) film, a friend of the people. This time, in Godzilla: Resurgence, the monster is back to smashing cities and terrorizing the people of Tokyo.

Check out this full trailer for Godzilla: Resurgence, which will be released in Japan on July 29.

Gone are the days of Godzilla acting on the side of the good guys, defending helpless humans from bigger, badder threats. This monster is mad, and has decided to take out its rage on anything and everything in its path.

Even Godzilla itself is looking scarier — covered in red veins and looking like it just erupted from the underworld.

Big and Bad
Big and Bad

And get a load of these claws:

Since there's no dialogue in the trailer, it's hard to tell just what the reasons are behind Godzilla's rage, and what the plan is to stop it, but let's hope these people can do something!

'Godzilla: Resurgence' will premiere in Japan on July 29.

Why do you think Godzilla is so angry?

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

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