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Disney has been serving up the live action movies this year by dishing Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and The Jungle Book into our eager mouths, but now they are giving us an even bigger portion by adding Peter Pan to the platter!

The classic tale of the boy who refused to grow up is going to get the Disney treatment once more, but so far there is no announcement on the lucky boy who will get to wriggle into the iconic green tights and fight pirates instead of tax returns.

What we do know is that David Lowery (Pete's Dragon) will be sharing the directors chair with Toby Halbrooks and that they will both co-write the script.

David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks
David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks

It's been a staggering 63 years since Disney brought Neverland's most endearing character to life with their animated version of the classic tale and we have seen live action versions on both film and TV five times.

The reviews on previous efforts have been mixed, with 1991's Hook (starring Robin Williams) wowing critics, and most recently, last year's Pan being almost universally, well, panned. Of course, I have no doubt that Disney will bring the faith, love, and pixie dust this tale needs, but just who is qualified to lead the Lost Boys?

Below are a couple of my suggestions, but feel free to add your voice to the debate in the comments below!

Art Parkinson

If Disney decide to stick with the original spirit of Pan and truly make him a boy, then 14-year-old Art Parkinson stands out as an excellent choice for me. Although he has mainly done serious work in Game of Thrones and San Andreas, this guy is clearly a very talented actor and I have no doubts he could pull the exuberant, but slightly tragic, Peter Pan out of the bag.

Austin Butler

It's easy to envisage Disney casting an older Pan in order to make his romance with Wendy a bit less, well, creepy, and it's easy to imagine Austin Butler donning the famous feather cap. With his youthful good looks and sparkling blue eyes, the 24-year-old Zoey 101 actor is already in Disney's phone book and could totally have the zeal to bring Peter to life.

Who do you think would make the perfect Peter Pan?

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