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They may be the most famous twins on the planet, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are so notoriously camera-shy that there's even a whole exhibition dedicated to them hiding behind handbags and sunglasses. But could this all be about to change? Take off your shades, ladies and gents, and care not about flying pigs, for the Olsen twins have just posted their first selfie, ever.

Thanks Instagram, you can shut down now.

Ok, so they're still wearing sunglasses, but everything in moderation, right?

If you're one of the billions freaking out over the selfie — you may direct your thanks toward Sephora. In a 24-hour , the twins temporarily took control over the company's Instagram account, giving insight to delighted fans over their daily duties selecting fabrics and eating salad while helming their clothing label Elizabeth & James.

Though this may be the first selfie the pair have publicly shared with the world, we're not exactly short of options of the gorgeous ladies posing together — their first appearance was at 6 months old in Full House, after all.

Here are some of our favorite shots of the pair over time:

1. Floral Promotions In 1991

2. Matching Silks In 1997

3. Reflective Power Suits At The Spice World Premiere In 1997

4. Twin-Sets And Tassels In 1999

5. Professional In Pinstripes, 2002

6. Gothic Glamor In 2005

7. Monochrome Masters In 2007

8. Channeling Studio 54 In 2010

9. Decadent And Deceased In 2010

10. Vintage Volume In 2014

11. Morticia At The Met In 2015

Do you want to see more selfies from the Olsens?

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