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Brace yourself, because this might just be the craziest Walking Dead/Negan fan theory on all of the internet!

Following the cliffhanger season finale, fans have been flooding the internet with all types of formulas and theories about who might have been Lucille'd, despite the fact that the scene hasn't even been shot yet!

Reddit user wazuh is one such fan, recently posting their own theory on the Walking Dead subreddit, and let me tell you, it's a bit of a doozy! Take a read:

As we all know, Denise has recently been killed off the show with the death of Abraham. She had a speech close to abrahams aswell. So you could say that she got his death for sure. And if you remember from erliar, Tara wanted a soda. A specific Soda. Very specifik.. And the soda was called: Orange Crush. And in episode 6x14 Denise finds the orange crush and then proceeds to die on the death of abrahams from the comic. Is it possible that the orange forshadows Abraham and Crush forshadowing him getting crushed? Sorry if my english was bad. Native is swedish.

Did you get all that? Let's break it down!

So basically, wazuh is referencing Denise's Episode 14 death when she risked her life to retrieve a cooler from inside of a car, only to find out that all that was inside was a six-pack of soda. However, it wasn't all bad because one of the sodas was Orange Crush, Tara's favorite!

Denise finds Orange Crush!
Denise finds Orange Crush!

Sadly though, that was probably Denise's last happy moment as she was killed just minutes later with an arrow through the eye. Interestingly, in a twist from the source material, wazuh points out that Denise's death was exactly how the Abraham dies in the comic series.

Denise dies in the same way as comic Abraham
Denise dies in the same way as comic Abraham

But despite the fact that Denise ended up taking Abraham's death from the comics, could one small detail indicate that Abraham's head might still be on the chopping block? After all, the soda was called Orange Crush, and that might indeed be a very accurate description of what's about to happen to Abraham's head if it is indeed smashed in by Lucille.

Abraham faces Negan
Abraham faces Negan

So, what do you think? Does the name of the soda that Denise found moments before she was killed (in the same manner as Abraham in the comics) indicate that perhaps Abraham didn't get an arrow through the eye because he's the one who will get his skull crushed by Negan?

What do you think of this theory?

Source: Reddit


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